Monday, December 5, 2016

Barrel Rider Games is Running a 25% Off Sale on PDFs 'Till the End o The Year - White Star, White Box, oh My!

+James Spahn / Barrel Rider Games is running a 25% off sale on nearly all of their digital releases as a way of thanking the gaming community for all of the support they've shown James over the years and especially in the past few months. Even Kamikazi Bambis can't stand up to the power of community support ;)

White Star? 25% off

White Box? 25% off

Heroes Journey? Already PWYW

Labyrinth Lord releases? 25% off

Sale prices are good until the end of 2016.

Remember, all purchases using The Tavern's OBS affiliate links puts 5% of your purchase price into The Tavern's coffers. Don't leave that money on the table for the greedy corps! Tip your barman!  ;)

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