Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Don't Get Fooled by RPGNow's Top 100 List re: DnDClassics

Take a peek at the top 15 hottest selling items on RPGNow and DriveThruRPG. Do you see any of the newly re-released classic D&D titles on the list? No

So why are they on the top 100 sellers of all time? Did they sneak in via the back door?


They earned those spots before the purge and apparently have held them ever since, but as they were "deleted" they didn't show on the list.

Now they do.

It could also be that OBS tweaked their system to keep the D&D stuff off the "Hot Lists" to ensure the indie publishers aren't pushed off. That's just conjecture at this point, but I do find it surprising that there are no D&D on either list, especially after the servers were down frequently yesterday due to the heavy traffic re: the launch of DnDClassics.com


  1. I'm thinking that "Hottest Items" is on a shorter timeframe from the "All Time" list - best sales in the last three months or something like that, maybe.

    There's a number of current and ex-RPGNow staffers around the RPG circles on G+, they might be able to explain the difference.

  2. brian, i ve seen releases hit the Hot 15 list the day of release, so i'm curious

    i'm pretty sure the D&D releases topping the 100 list is due to prior purge numbers, which is really amazing if u think about it

    it does push a number of smaller publishers' products off the list

  3. The Wizards PDFs nearly blew everything off of the various hottest older editions lists except for Original D&D which doesn't have any Wizards releases yet.

  4. the hot 15 list at rpgnow had a bunch of WtC releases pop up on it earlier this morning, now they've mysteriously dropped.

    they were also on the drivethru list,but have dropped, but i grabbed a screen shot


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