Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mini Review - The Maze of Nuromen (BLUEHOLME) (Free OSR)

The Maze of Nuromen is a first level adventure for the BLUEHOLME Prentice rules that were recently released. Just in case the release of the D&D PDFs earlier today distracted or confused you, BLUEHOLME Prentice is a retroclone of the Holmes Basic Boxed set.

So, what do you get with The Maze of Nuromen?

You get a two level dungeon to assault your players with. Actually, it's a nicely designed dungeon with multiple paths, which is always a plus. The two levels are nicely drawn.

The rooms descriptions are top notch. This dungeon should be a tough challenge for a 1st level party, and a 2nd level party still won't find it a piece of cake. I like that the wandering monster charts include creatures that have a maximum count - if the party has defeated the max number, they won't occur again. You just don't see this as often as you should.

The art is very nice. The fact that it is all public domain is awesome. Very evocative and definitely works.

Now my one complaint. The font. It's annoying. I'm sure they were going for some authentic old time feel with it, but it made reading the adventure less than pleasant on my computer screen. One demerit ;)

Overall, it's an excellent adventure for any OSR game. Just be prepared to find the font annoying. I admit it's a small price to pay for free.

Oh, and the art on the RPGNow page is wrong, but a grabbed a screenshot of the real cover :)


  1. Thanks, although the larger part of the credit goes to the author, Justin Becker. He kindly allowed me to adapt his Holmes adventure of the same name - you can see the original on his blog, The Forbidden Mazes of the Jennerak.

    I knew the font was going to be unpopular with half the people - it's a fairly typical serif font (Palatino Linotype), but market reseach has shown me that some people like serif, some hate it. Still, if I get enough font-hatemail I'll probably change it, so hopefully more people will pipe up one way or the other.

    Hope you get a chance to run the adventure!

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