Sunday, January 20, 2013

AD&D 2e Is the Next Round of WotC Reprints - The Funding of 5e on the Reprints of Earlier Editions Continues

It look like WotC has listed the core 3 books from AD&D 2e for the next round of Premium Reprints at $50 a pop.

Player's Handbook, DMG and the Monstrous Manual.

I spent most of my younger years playing AD&D 2e. I remember picking the books up on the day of release and bringing it to the game session that evening. Back then, if TSR put it out, it was golden. We actually thought that way until the Complete Handbook series jumped the shark with the Complete Book of Elves. Even in those heady days of gaming we could see how unbalanced Bladesingers were ;)

With the exception of my Player's Handbook with it's peeling spine and my Monstrous Compendium with the inserts falling out, most of my 2e stuff has held up to the test of time.

I do find it very interesting to watch WotC relying on reprints of previous editions (and soon PDFs) to fund their development of 5e. I wonder how much of their future customer base they'll lose to the reprints? I doubt it's much, but there will be some bleed.

I'm still curious how much money from the AD&D 1e reprints actually went to the Gygax Memorial Fund...

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  1. The 2E reprints are available for pre-order at about 1/3 off the list price at Amazon.


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