Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Winners of Store Credit for the DnD Classics Store (or any OBS store) Are...

We had a crapload of entries between the blog side and G+. We also had a nice assortment of folks from the 2,000 Coppers that were eligible for the secondary pool.

So, without further ado (and using the random number generator in Tabletop Forge, because none of this added up to something divisible by even funky DCC dice) here are our 2 winners:

+Roger Brasslett wins the $10 credit - spend it on a decent megadungeon, will ya? ;)

+Adam Muszkiewicz wins the 2000 Coppers $5 credit. Spend it on a smaller dungeon ;P

Send me a message on G+ with the email you use at OBS and I'll ge the credits out to you.

To everyone, thank you for your thoughts both on the blog and G+. There are a lot of classics that we want and maybe the powers that be will realize nearly all want the RC!

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