Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Gygax Magazine Unboxing Event

Truth in posting - I am currently boxed.  I went to the German pub across from the Brooklyn Stat after getting my copies of Gygax Magazine. No one from the event was there when i got there. I had a liter of Haufbrau before heading home. Once I got home, my wife plied me with Newcastle on tap - I feel wicked fine right now ;)

I finally got to meet +Joseph Bloch face to face. Not as much time as I would have liked, but the Brooklyn Star was bursting from it's seams today. I got to meet a few folks that I haven't seen in ages, never got to meet +Christopher Mennell or +Dennis Higgins , which I really would have like to. I saw   +Tavis Allison  from  afar.  Maybe they can join +Joe D and myself at the next PubCon.

It really was a madhouse at the Brooklyn Strat. I literally ran out the door after grabbing my copies of Gygax Magazine.

Best unanswered question of the day was from +Joseph Bloch  - paraphrasing - "Do you expect any issue from using the Dragon Magazine trade dress?" There were answers, but they really didn't answer the question. Gygax magazine looks and feels like The Dragon. How do I know? The moment I showed it to my wife she said "Didn't I pack up like 100 issues of that for storage like a year ago?" No, she's not a gamer.

Gygax Magazine is $8.95 an issue for the print version. It's probably going to be $4.95 for the PDF / iPad version when it releases in about 2 weeks in electronic format.

Now I need to actually read it.

A review should be forthcoming.


  1. Our first plan for overflow was hosting the Idiotarod, so it was full of even weirder people when we started - I led a plan to settle people who couldn't fit at Bar Great Harry, but it was a chaotic affair despite the best of intentions.

  2. Was great finally meeting you face to face, Erik!

    Yeah, I kinda got the impression that he didn't really know what I meant by "trade dress". Hopefully it won't be an issue.

  3. I love Hofbrau. I used in live in Cincinnati with a Hofbrauhaus across the river in Kentucky. Man I miss it. Living in Cleveland I have the Great Lakes brewery, but I've always preferred European style beers. Namely German and Belgian.

    Also thanks for Gygax update. I'll probably get the PDF. Your hard copy of Menagerie is in the mail.

  4. Sorry I missed you Erik! I think I saw you at a distance, but by the time I got across the crowd, you were gone. Another time; it was my first time driving to Brooklyn, but it really wasn't bad.

    It was awesome getting to meet and talk with Joe Bloch as well, and Michael Curtis too. I was also surprised to have the opportunity to speak with George Strayton; something he said once in a podcast inspired me to think up a game concept, so being able to meet him in person was great.

    I missed Tavis also, although speaking of the idiotarod, one of the women from it was at the event; she wasn't a gamer, but she introduced herself to Jayson Elliot as someone who used to know Gary and thanked Jayson for doing this magazine.

    Met a lot of cool people in a very short amount of time. Hopefully I can see all of you again in the future, with more available time (and in less crowded conditions)!

  5. I made it down from CT and had a great time. Man, that store was packed! I tried out a round of the new Star Wars RPG and, of course, got my Gygax magazine subscription and talked to Jayson about the new TSR.

  6. As a (UK) IP lawyer, I can't see any likely issue with the use of another company's trade dress from 25 years ago. It's not competing with any other product on the market, and it's not specific enough for copyright to be an issue. It clearly evokes Dragon, but is not misrepresenting itself as being Dragon.


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