Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gygax Magazine Unboxing Saturday, January 26 at the Brooklyn Strat - Who's Going?

The unboxing of the 1st issue of the new Gygax Magazine is next Saturday, January 26th at 2 PM at the Brooklyn Strat in Brooklyn NY.

I plan on showing up around 130 ish (when the event official starts) and probably stay until about 3 or 4. There's an afternoon of gaming planned for the event, but as I have an evening of gaming waiting for me at home, I don't foresee myself staying much longer (admittedly, that could change with the right gaming ;)

Registration and attendance is free, although gaming slots do have a cost (which I am not sure of at the moment). I've been to the location a handful of times and it's nice and relaxed. If it wasn't a 30 minute drive (without traffic) from my house, I'd be there a lot more often.

I'll be bringing a small video camera to catch the highlights, and I'll grab a couple of copies of Gygax Magazine, with the intention of giving away one or two on the blog (assuming you can buy more that one).

Here's the blurb on the event:

Join us for the release of the premiere issue of Gygax magazine! 
We'll be opening the first box of magazines at 2pm sharp, and doing a live + video Q&A with the crew: Ernie Gygax, Luke Gygax, Jayson Elliot, Tim Kask, Jim Wampler, and James Carpio. 
There's a full day of gaming, including Savage Worlds, Marvel RPG, and Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. Admission is free, games require tickets, sold at the event. 
Plus a massive AD&D 1E dungeon delve with the founder of Dwarven Forge! 
Magazines go on sale as soon as the first box is opened.


  1. I'll be there, but won't be partaking of the gaming.

  2. I'll be there if I don't get snowed out on the way from Connecticut! I have board gaming plans with friends in Brooklyn that evening so I don't know how late I'll stay.

  3. Things look good for my son and I to attend, unless his twin brothers arrive sooner than expected!


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