Monday, January 21, 2013

Feed Me Some Good Gaming Podcasts Please!

I'm sure I've asked this question in the past, but as The Tavern's readership has just about doubled in the past 12 months, I figured I'd ask again.

Those of you that listen to gaming podcasts, what do you listen to?

I find myself mostly listening to Happy Jacks, because they remind me one hell of a lot of my own gaming group. Not sure if that is bad or good ;)

I just stumbled across Drunks & Dragons. Haven't listend yet but getting ready for tomorrow's commute.

I listen to some Fear the Boot, but I find the "broadcaster" vocals grating at times. Not a bad podcast, I just need to limit the dosage :)

That's How We Roll with Fred Hick's is awesome but very irregular.

Save or Die! needs to prove itself in the first 10 minuts or I just move on. I guess I have a limited attention span.

The Delver's Podcast play session type podcast, but the episodes are short. I tend to listen to them ay my computer while multitasking, not commuting.

I'll try and return the favor in March if the tentative and extremely irregular podcast on this end gets off the ground ;)


  1. The "Gamerstable" podcast is pretty reliable. It updates on Tuesdays and is usually about 30 minutes long. When they,re "on" they're on, when they're off, it's only a half hour.

  2. I have problems with listening to them too long. But I've only given a few a listen. When I hear them go into fake radio voices it just makes me click for the X. And what I find surprising is the few podcasts I listened to they spoke more about how they didn't have time to game.

    You got me going on a rant here Tenkar. And probably the most annoying thing is when they interview someone they rarely listen to the answer or hear one crumb of what the person said and then go on a tangent about how it related to their gaming experience. A little of that is okay, but of the few I've listened to they were all guilty.

    I'm gonna stop now.

  3. General Gaming:

    Nearly Enough Dice is usually an hour long of good stuff. They release every Sunday/Monday.

    You didn't mention RPG Circus, but I think you already listen to that based on past posts.

    Actual Play:

    If you're looking for looooong ;] Warhammer: The Enemy Within @ http://warhammer-enemy-within.blogspot.com/ recorded their entire TEW campaign. This includes some interruptions, phone calls, etc =X!

    I was recently introduced to Skype of Cthulhu, which I am going to check out tomorrow.

    In regards to Call of Cthulhu, Role-playing Public Radio (RPPR) produce a lot of CoC APs. They also have some general rpg discussion as well.

    @Tim As an aside, you might appreciate Ross Payton's radio voice, since it's done with a sense of humor ;]

  4. Well if your interested, I like to think the Fandible podcast is fairly good. Of course, its my podcast so there is a fair chance I am pretty biased. We run a bit of everything although our most popular seem to be our warhammer 40k games.

    If you do listen, I suggest you first listen to our Atomic Robo RPG playtest we posted. People seem to like that one.


    1. @Arvandus In the interest of someone not part of your podcast saying something positive, I really enjoyed Fandible's Mouse Guard AP: http://www.fandible.com/category/actual-play/misc/fantasy-misc/mouse-guard/

    2. @burnedfx Thanks, we had allot of fun with that one.

  5. I've listened to these sparsely, but they post fairly regularly and are entertaining as well as informative. They tend towards storytelling (Dungeon World, Burning Wheel, etc.) lately. Found them looking for APs of DW.

    Rolling Intentions - http://rpgbg.blogspot.com/

    Roo Sack Gamers - http://podcast.roosackgamers.com/

  6. I have yet to find a podcast that is as durable and entertaining as _Fear The Boot_. Not always useful, but always fun and consistently thought-provoking.

  7. Over at Dungeon's Master.com we do a weekly recount of D&D Encounters in our podcast called "Recounting Encounters." We talk about what worked, what didn't and how we would change things to make them better. These tips and observations are helpful to any DM, even if you're not playing D&D Encounters. All episodes are in our D&D Encounters Archive or available through iTunes.

  8. For that old school goodness I listen to roll For initiative.


    Or Carpe GM


  9. I like Save or Die! a lot. Among other things, they've done some great interviews.


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