Tuesday, December 4, 2012

An Updated Look at Recent Kickstarters That Won't Fund (Disclaimer - Unless Hell Freezes Over)

Remember Iron Age: FRP? Those fine fucks are at $177 of $5,550. It's the assholes that spammed the comments section of this blog (and others) to get the word out on their Indiegogo turd.

Great job fuckos, as I don't think you've raised a cent since then. BTW, your Paypal issue sounds fishy to me. Great news though, apparently they are now asking for Credit Card info:

Still, it can't take much work to be "lead campaigner" on this project:

But hey, what about the "Big Boys"? Let's look how FASA is doing with it's 1879 RPG, Miniatures and App Kickstarter that we peeked at last Thursday:

Shit - that has to hurt. About $150 in 5 days time. $30 bucks a day. They want $325,00. Now worries, in just over 10,000 days it will be funded...

Guys, pull the plug now before you hurt yourselves.


  1. I think FASA's energy would be better spent bringing back Shadowrun 3rd edition or Earthdawn 2nd edition.

    ...granted, those are just as likely to occur as these Kickstarters are likely to achieve funding...

  2. I'm very sure that first guy doesn't have the first clue how PayPal works.

  3. The 1879 set up should be shared around as how not to do a kickstarter. Trying to fund a rpg, miniature game and an app at the same time wasn't the way to go. I think they would have done much better with doing one at a time and roll it all out over the course of a year or two. Then the backer options down the side are over the top as well.


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