Sunday, December 2, 2012

LotFP is Running a 1/2 Off Sale - It's Grindhouse Time!

James Raggi is running a sale on his PDFs (and some print products).

50% off all PDFs over at RPGNow

50% off the 2011 items still in print over at the LotFP Store (Grindhouse, Carcosa, Isle of the Unknown print editions)

(it would have been nice if James has included links in his post over at LotFP - so I'll do it myself ;)

My picks would be:

LotFP Grindhouse Edition - print or PDF - the price is definitely right - $8.88 in PDF

Death Frost Doom - a steal at $2.50 in PDF

The Grinding Gear - a barely possible to survive "Tomb of Horrors" for $3.00

Tower of the Stargazer - can't beat $1.63

Green Devil Face #5 - $0.63 for 12 pages of old school charts and tables

(As James can almost pass for a certain female xxxxxx, I was trying to find the nearly naked pic of James lying in bed for this post, but my Google-fu failed. Probably for the best - James nearly naked wasn't a pleasant sight ;)


  1. Thanks for pointing Erik!
    Now I can scratch a bunch more off the list!

  2. @Duncan - I try to do what little i can ;)


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