Friday, December 7, 2012

Of Dachshunds, Good Beer and Herding Cats

So, I'm on an overnite in the Poconos due mainly to a follow up vet visit for our miniature longhaired dachshund. There is just no comparison service or price-wise to the care she get's here compared to NYC. Besides, I needed the excuse to take the day off from work ;)

I was disappointed by my inability find Spaten or Weinsteffaner in 5 liter minikegs, as I found them up here in the late spring. My early Christmas present is waiting to hold something besides Heineken and Newcastle.

Not that I'd be drinking any tomorrow night - when I DM I abstain from partaking in adult beverages. It's hard enough try to herd cat's on a normal gaming night - if I'm buzzed you may just mark that as a "failure to execute" before the session even starts.

Assuming your players are of legal drinking age, do you allow them to drink during the sessions you run?

Do you join them? Or not?

Do you enjoy knocking back a few as you sit in the player's seat?

I remember back in college, as we all started hitting legal drinking age, the temptation to drink during our sessions was huge. I wouldnt allow it when I DM'ed, as I wasn't able to herd drunken cats back in the day.

The majority of my players don't drink during my sessions these days, but that's their choice, not one imposed by me. As long as I'm sober, I can herd the cats ;)


  1. All of my players are of drinking age and college students, but we have yet to play Dungeons and Drunkards. They keep asking me to run a session of it as part of our ACKS game, but have so far been dissuaded with the line "You will all die if you attempt this."

  2. I don't run when drinking nor do I drink when playing. I'm one of those players who inhabits their characters so totally that if my character is sober then so am I. Now should my character decide to be something other than sober I might have a drink.
    As for GMing, no alcohol for me but if my players want it I don't mind SO LONG as they don't get rowdy and disrupt everyone else.

  3. Our (4e, sorry) weekly group got to be known as "Drinking & Dungeons", as we're all folks who appreciate good quality alcohol... and our DM/GM has a kegorator (the Magic Beer Machine) in his dining room. So no, none of us are quite sober, except the DD for that week.

  4. We normally don't drink in our sessions, but occationally we reserve a room in a bar that some of us work in where we can drink & game. When I GM I limit myself to two beers, simply to avoid embarrasment. Mostly all we drink is just a few craft beers for the sake of "because we can", but sometimes it's gotten a bit much, which leads to the hilarity of some of us not remembering the later parts clearly (or at all). Especially loot and xp tallies.

  5. Heh - big cultural difference here! As a Brit, I do my playing and GMing at the London D&D Meetup _in a pub_ - alcohol is not permitted, it's damn near compulsory! If we don't drink we're likely to get kicked out!

    I generally find the main thing is pacing my intake, 2 pints in 3 hours sort of thing, and watch out for the third pint. Also best to begin with a solid meal for ballast. But there's no concept of alcohol as the forbidden fruit, or people drinking to get drunk. We have plenty of American players and they drink much like anyone else.

  6. I generally find 4e pretty easy to GM with a couple pints in me, all the info I need is in the stat blocks. Or OSR D&D games, which rely on 'make stuff up'. 3e D&D is the most rules/book heavy, you need to be able to look stuff up in game, which encourages moderation.

  7. I'm half English, half Celtic by ancestry, I've noticed what I think is more a physiological than cultural difference - the Saxons seem to hold their drink a lot more phlegmatically, whereas Celts have trouble with that. So in Scotland or Ireland or Australia or much of the USA, playing D&D in bars might not be a good idea, but in SE England it works fine.


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