Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Interesting Kickstarter - Agents of Change: The Time Travel RPG

I find different Kickstarters "interesting" for different reasons.

Let me start by saying this: I have no idea if Agents of Change: The Time Travel RPG is going to be a great game, or even a good game, but it's an intelligent Kickstarter.

Why? William Maldonado set his funding goal low - just $500.

Why does he want funding? To afford a professional editor and cover artist.

It's stretch goals are realistic and won't delay the release of the project:

$1000 - At this level, we will be able to hire a graphic designer from Createspace to give us a custom layout. We are prepared to work on this ourselves, but having a professional handle it will save us time and get this game in your hands quicker and with flair. Additionally, we may be able to create and start up a webspace for this and future games my team works on. 
$1250 - With a little bit more, we'll reach this level and will be able to afford marketing services such as posters featuring the cover art that will be featured in stores or sent out to donators or interested parties.
I really don't care about the different factions that are the driving force behind the "time travel" theme. I'm just happy to see "the little guy" setting a reachable funding goal and hitting it (did I mention it's funded and a bit more with 3 days to go?)

Did I mention he seems to have set realistic estimated shipping goals for the different reward levels?

Apparently, the rules haven't even hit beta yet, but I'm willing to put $15 down to see how this goes.

I bet he comes damn close to hitting his ship dates ;)

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  1. Hey,

    Thanks for the mention. The game is in full swing and we found our cover artist, just waiting for the initial sketch to be done. My team and I are really pushing to hit our shipping dates.


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