Sunday, December 9, 2012

I Have Three Non-OSR Games Dueling For My Attention - There Can Be Only One!

I am solidly an OSR sort of guy. It's in my blood. It's what I caught my teeth on. Learning new game systems is sort of like learning a new language - I've found over the years I have my limits.

Savage Worlds is NOT one of the three games I'm currently looking at. It's a fine system and the Soloman Kane book could possibly tempt me at some point, but not now.

No, the three games in no particular order are Dungeon World, The World Between for Fictive Hack and the new/old Fate Core.

Dungeon World appelas to me because I know how well AW plays despite the poor presentation of the rules. Dungeon World overcomes that particular handicap. I do have an issue with the whole "training wheels, flag football, no one really gets hurt" aspect of the AW system. I need to look closer to see how DW adresses that aspect of the engine. (or just wait for a reader to point me in the right direction)

The World Between for Fictive Hack is just a fucking cool setting. Death and even crippling effects are in game system. I need to stop bouncing back and forth through the document so I can perhaps grasp the rules fully.

Then there is the granddaddy / baby of the group - Fate Core. I'm slowly making my way through the current iteration of the rules available via the Kickstarter and I like what I see. I "think" I'll be able to grasp the rules now. The Dresden Files were a beautiful yet painful read, and I feel the actual rules got lost in the presentation.

So yes, I'm looking for a system to run "in addition to" by usual OSR style of game.

I'm open to your thoughts / ideas / favs / hates / etc ;)


  1. I've become very partial to BareBones Fantasy RPG myself, it's replaced Savage Worlds as my go to system for high fantasy gaming.

    1. I have to agree, I really like the BBRPG. FATE I like but never fully enjoyed the game, I always feel something is 'off' with the game, sort of like the game is trying too much to be universal and somehow loses focus by doing so.

  2. I too stick to OSR games for the most part, and for the same reason (limits of time). But, like you, I am sometimes drawn to non-OSR games, and Dungeon World is one of them. I like it very much, and it just about had me roped in until I came across BareBones Fantasy. Now *that* game has successfully roped me in. Dare I say that after 30 years, I've found a replacement for B/X D&D?

  3. I purchased Dungeon World also, as I was hearing a lot about it, so I decided to check it out, wasn't that impressed with it, but I'd already discovered BBFRPG before hand.

  4. I would suggest you go for The World Between, or even the original Old School Hack it's based on. OSH really captures the fun and essence of the old games without the actual crappy old school rules. I've run a couple games now of both of these and my gamers really loved them.

  5. 5 to 1... BareBones Fantasy wins ;)


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