Friday, December 14, 2012

Butt Kicking For Goodness! - Two Vastly Different Views on The Importance of Kickstarter Timeliness

First, the wrong way to appease your supporters:

King For a Day

while we wait....
Update #31 · Dec. 13, 2012 ·

Of course I'm a greasy oil horrible human for not finishing k4ad yet and starting a new project. But as a consolation, everyone on k4ad will also get a thank you in my new project, whether you backed it or not. It's my way of offering thanks without actually doing any extra work.

I mean.

Damn. Backspace?


(I've only heard good things about Jim Pinto in the past, but the current Kickstarter was due in September, it isn't finished, no new date is announced and he's running another Kickstarter for a new project. I mean, shouldn't you finish off the already late one before seeking funds for the next one? Why the fuck would I want thanks for a project I didn't support - this is the "bribe" being offered to soften the offense of the second project being run concurrently. 

You know what I want?  What I paid for. Snarky attitude, even if done in jest, does nothing but annoy me in this case.)

Now, the right way to deal with your supporters:

Spears of the Dawn

Spears of the Dawn Nearing Completion
Update #8 · Dec. 13, 2012 ·

Hello, patient backers.

Spears of the Dawn is nearing print-readiness, with only 10 illos left to finish before it hits DTRPG/RPGNow. The artists have been hitting their marks in admirable fashion, with a particular hat-tip to Luigi Castellani for being an art-producing machine during this project. Time's running out for the inevitable disastrous personal catastrophe I budgeted for in the schedule. If it doesn't happen soon, this game might be out months in advance of its March 2013 deadline. Personally, I'm staying indoors, wearing a hospital mask, and refusing to answer any ominous phone calls from my family.

The House of Bone and Amber is proving a tougher nut to crack than I had anticipated, however, restoring my faith in the fundamental perversity of the world. Still, it's simply a matter of polish and packing in more good stuff rather than writer's block, so it shouldn't be an issue in hitting the deadline. I've managed to enlist the talented Ejiwa Ebenebe (gallery here) to do the cover for the module, and am nearly ready to start enlisting other artists. I plan to farm the work out to a half-dozen people, both to provide different styles for those who want variety in their future stock art and to ensure that the art gets done on time.

You'll be hearing more from me once The House of Bone and Amber is in a more settled state, and I'll likely be passing it out to interested parties for outside playtesting and problem-finding before it hits the final. All backers will get it in PDF, of course, but I've not yet decided how to deal with the print angle of things. A discount on the saddle-stitched color print version could well be possible, but I'll have to run the numbers on the final to see if it makes sense.

With regards,

          Kevin Crawford

(See the part I bolded above? Holy shit! 'Nuff said...)


  1. There is no doubt, Mr. Crawford is a class act.

  2. And have you seen the picture of the artist in the link! You should.


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