Saturday, December 15, 2012

Is FATE a Game You Need to Play / Observe to Grok It?

I am beginning to think that FATE is a bit like Apocalypse World. No, the writing isn't so obscure and irritating that I want to throw the book across the floor (which is good, as I'm reading it on a tablet). What I mean is that FATE introduces some concepts that those familiar with more traditional RPGs (such as D&D and it's various offspring and clones) won't be comfortable with. Maybe comfort is too strong a concept here. Still, there's a disconnect for me when it comes to FATE, and that irritates me and I want to overcome it.

In this case, I'm talking Aspects and the like. I strongly suspect I need to see this in action before fully appreciating how this stuff plays out in game, not just in my head. Besides, my head can be a bit muddled at times.

Is there a podcast / youtube video that covers an actual play session of FATE?

I want to to grok it. Really I do...


  1. Game Geeks Classics #24 talks about Fate and discusses aspects. You can find it on YouTube. I hope it helps you.

  2. Take a listen to the Knight's of the Night podcast as they play their Dresden Files RPG campaign.



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