Saturday, December 15, 2012

An RPG Kickstarter With a Very Small Niche - A Gallery of Rogues

For a moment, let me step away from the fact that A Gallery of Rogues is being Kickstarted while the previous Kickstarter from the same writer is still overdue without a firm release date. Hmm, maybe I can't FULLY step away from that small fact, but I'll try to keep it from influencing overly much in this post. Wish me luck ;)


How often do you need a fully fleshed out Thieves Guild?


From my experience, not bloody often. Most of my parties' adventures happen in the wilderness and dungeons - cities are just ways to measure distance between point A and point B. Oh, and maybe sell some loot to convert to coin and gems. Sure, some folks run city-centric campaigns, but I never have and I personally don't know any that do. So this becomes a real "niche within a niche" project.

At $20 for a PDF that covers a 20 member thieves guild that I may use once or twice (stretch goals may increase the guild numbers) is damn steep in my opinion ($35 for print / PDF).

If your campaign will be knee deep in the workings of a Thieves Guild, this might be good for you. Otherwise, I can't recommend it as it's focus is way too narrow for my needs.


  1. To rich for my budget. Shame I really like Eric's art.

  2. When $10 can get you the .pdf of Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea, or .pdf of Adventurer, Conqueror, King System...

  3. @DrBargle - are you saying $20 for a PDF is too expensive?

    or are you just pointing out you could buy AS&SH AND ACKS for the same price, and a lot quicker too?


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