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Butt Kicking For Goodness! Counting Coppers and "Cool Stuff"

I don't normally post directly from the Dwimmermount updates as they are "backers only", but I will quote a small snippet this time because Tavis deserves the props. Come what may, the man is a professional with one hell of a sense of humor:

Dwimmermount: An Old School Fantasy RPG Megadungeon - 

"I started entering data into the the spreadsheet before James' faction section was complete, so my coding is inexact. If you struck a deal with the Rat Boss to have his minions bring you every copper piece in Dwimmermount, how many would that be? Clearly, the spreadsheet should account for individual coin types as well as total treasure value." (Tavis - I bow before you ;)

Axes and Anvils

Playtest rules have been released to the backers.

Artisan Dice - 

The Dicemen are still making dice.

Fate Core - 

Backers got access to a prerelease version of Wild Blue (51 days left in the Kickstarter)

----- and -----

Hail, Fate Faithful! (note - project has raised over $115k right now)

We've just launched a few more stretch goals for folks to aim at now that we're headed into the $80,000 and beyond territory. Make sure to drop by the front page of the project to read about all the goals, as well as check out the steadily appearing [More Info] links.

Today we're all about the Fate Extras toolbox! Or, will be, soon enough, with that $81,000 goal close at hand (or perhaps already cleared by the time we post this). Let's get into the details.

Facts about the Fate Extras Toolbox

It starts with the Magic System Toolkit as its base (~10k words, ~30-40 pages laid out in our Fate Core 6x9 format).

From there, we will be adding between 10k and 20k words covering other topics, resulting in a book that's likely between 80 and 120 pages. This may increase by 30-40 pages or more depending on how things go -- see our updated stretch goals.

As a printed book (unlocking at $81k), it'll be softcover, black and white interior, priced at $20 (which will hold steady even if the page count goes up).

We don't expect it to ship for up to several months after Fate Core ships; we need to write it, vet it, edit it, and all the other production stuff.

You will over the course of this campaign help us figure out what topics the Toolbox will address. At the least, we expect to cover things like: magic, vehicles, gear-in-general, superpowers, rules-as-tone, alternatives for swapping out chunks of the default system with variant implementations, and more.
Adding a Physical Toolbox Book to Your Pledge
(Unlocks at $81,000)

Add $20 to your pledge for each copy you want (limit 6).

If you're in the USA, add $5 to have your copies of the Fate Toolbox shipped separately.

If you're outside the USA, add $15 to have your copies of the Fate Toolbox shipped separately.

If you're willing to have your shipment of the Fate Core rulebook delayed by at least several months, you can skip the additional shipping charge.
Looking ahead: the Expansion Compilation Book
(Unlocks at $101,000)

Fred's been resisting this one, but you can make him promise anyway! If we hit this stretch goal at $101,000, all of the stretch goal expansions up to Camelot Trigger that aren't going in the Toolbox will go into a "Fate Worlds" compilation book. The facts:

It will have a cover price of $30. Otherwise, adding it to your pledge once unlocked will function essentially identically to the Toolbox, with the extra shipping charges for shipping it separately.

Format: Black and white interior, softcover, 6x9.

Given the likely word count on each of them, this is going to be a monster -- easily 300-400 pages in our Fate Core format, and bigger than Fate Core itself.

This is the book where we'll list the names of every backer on this project (even the $1 guys), since it's really the thing that the Kickstarter most made possible. Folks who went for higher reward tiers will get divided out into various strata of the "Fate Faithful". Given that we're talking about thousands of names, it will be small print! But you will see your name in ink...
That's it for now, folks. Let's make this stuff happen! You're the ones in the drivers' seat -- how much can you step on the gas?


A late and anticipated project is going to be a bit later due to late artwork. No, it's not the usual redacted project.

Player's Companion for the Adventurer Conqueror King RPG

I'm pleased to send this week's update early to let you know as soon as possible: the PDF of the Player's Companion is finished, and ready for you to download!

We had planned to use the DriveThruRPG discount code system to email you a link to download through their system, but it turns out that this is only available until the product is on sale to the general public - which it won't be until we've done our utmost to ensure that every backer has their copy of the PDF.

-----redacted and deleted info on how to download your copy-----

We've very excited to get the finished Player's Companion to you, and appreciate your vital role in making this possible.

Numenera: A new roleplaying game from Monte Cook

Cool Stuff!
Hey Backers!

Numenera design is going really well. The world is taking shape, and the mechanics of the game are getting honed, thanks to the huge playtest we have going on with hundreds of groups putting it through its paces.

We're also putting together the first round of art pieces from some of the artists we're working with. These include not only Kieran Yanner and cartographer Christopher West, but also Jason Engle, Eric Lofgren, Jeremy McHugh, Patrick McEvoy, Matthew Stawicki, Scott Purdy, Guido Kuip, Keith Thompson, and Lee Smith. And there will be more artists joining us as the project goes on. The preliminary sketches and art that I've seen has blown me away. I can't wait to show you it all, but for now I've attached a cool piece by Kieran to this update.

I recently wrote about Numenera here: http://www.montecookgames.com/distinguishing-it-from-magic/

And here: http://www.montecookgames.com/four-types-of-numenera/

I also wrote about a series of podcast interviews that I did, most specifically about Numenera and its Kickstarter here: http://www.montecookgames.com/the-sound-of-my-voice/

I'm also working closely with the guys at AEG, who are making the Numenera Thunderstone game. That also is going very well. And of course, I'm talking to the guys at Q-workshop about the dice, and putting all the wheels in motion to get the screens, the shirts, and so on. There's lots to do, but it's all coming together nicely.


For those of you involved in the playtest, keep in mind that the dropbox folder that the material is in (you got a link to it to get the material originally) is often updated with new material, and new instructions, including links to feedback forms. So check back there once a week or so. Once you fill out the first feedback form, you'll be invited to a Google group devoted to the playtest.


The first set of online game design seminars occurred in November, and they went really well. A small handful of people reported that they did not get the link, but I confirmed and all of them were indeed sent, so make sure you check your Spam folder to ensure that the link doesn't get lost. The link will be coming from drivethrustuff.com, the people who are graciously hosting the seminars, so be on the lookout for it.

Character Contributors

If you chose a level that gets you the ability to contribute a character to the corebook (not the bestiary, or an adventure, those come later), editor Shanna Germain or I will be contacting you later this month to ask you about your contribution.

Thanks again for your patronage and support!


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