Thursday, December 13, 2012

ENWorld is Back - Mostly Sorta (and Fast - Which Won't Last)

Remember a few years back, when ENWorld was going to go Web 2.0, and it wound up looking like "Web -Oh no!"?

It looks a crap-ton cleaner and more usable now. I'm damn sure that won't last. Ah well.

Apparently they were able to save their old posts - that in and of itself is a minor miracle and excellent news. Even if the vast majority of the newer posts hold little to no interest for me, there is a virtual museum of gaming goodness with the older posts.

They are looking for subscribers to help foot the bill for thousands of British Pounds of lost code. Fuck that! The forums work and that is all that we need. Whatever coding was lost can stay lost. The site loads quickly now, which is a first.

So, how long before Morrus fucks up the clean interface in hopes of monetizing the site like it was of old?


  1. It's funny how the stuff that people actually use - the Fora - actually works much better now. They even restored the quicklink go-to tab at the bottom, that had vanished some time ago.

  2. Do people really use the forums much anymore? It's a ghost town compared to when I was last there a few years ago, while 4e was coming out.

    I think Morrus has managed to alienate a lot of people, and not just with the site design...


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