Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Quick Look at Skills in Stars Without Number

I'm away for the weekend and trying an experiment of sorts. Lets see how well I can post to my blog using my Google Nexus 7 and a bluetooth keyboard ;)

Back to SWN. I'm on my first end to end readthru of SWN: Core. I read it previously, but more of a random flip through then an actual end to end read.

Earlier this afternoon I realized the SWN skills section was brilliant in it's simplicity. It basically reaches back to Classic Traveller and gives us a 2d6 based skill resolution system. The beauty of this is that you don't need ever increasing DC levels to keep a skills difficulty relevant. A +1 or +2 to a skill can be a huge swing on the 2d6 bell curve.

My God, but I really do like this. Hell, I'd port this over to my ACKS game if it wasn't already 10 sessions deep. It's neat and it's simple and looks like it should work very well in game. Heck, there really isn't a reason it couldn't be ported to LL, ACKS or S&W. It would work extremely well with the thief skill. Heck, I may need to write a quick hack for that. It wouldn't be a waste, as it would also fit my GAPs project.

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