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Tenkar's Tavern List of 133 0-Level Occupations for the DCC RPG (Contest Entry Summary)

I need to sit down with my wife later on tonight and go through this list. I already have an idea of a few favorites from my side, but I want to get the second opinion of my non-gaming wife ;)

In the meantime, here's the consolidated list of 133 entries (ApisFurioso - You were the first entry, but i missed you with the initial cut-n-paste, so you are listed at the end):

baronzemo said...
1 - Occupation: Dung Picker-Upper
Trained Weapon: Pitchfork
Trade Goods: Fertilizer
Tom Grimshaw said...
2 - Occupation: Goblinoid Dungeon Janitor.
Trained Weapon: Broom (As Quarterstaff but with double damage against things of a mucky nature, such as ooze).
Trade Goods: Sack of Trash (but one mans trash is another mans treasure).

"Some enter the dark bowels of the earth seeking gold, glory and, purpose... This guy seeks to clean up after them".

Andrew said...
3 - Occupation: Sycophant
Trained Weapon: Foil
Trade Goods: Very fancy clothes, makeup.

You found someone rich and made a career of flattery. Then it went wrong, and you're looking for something new.
X the Owl said...
4 - Sin-Eater
Trained weapon: Crutch/Cane (as club)
Trade goods: Wooden bowl & mug, a little bread & ale.

Weapon: Shovel
Trade Goods: Smells like ass

SAROE said...
5 - Penguin Milker (Milker of Penguins)
Trained Weapon-Penguin Yoke (as club)
Trade Goods-Bucket
X the Owl said...
6 - Bosun's Mate
Trained Weapon: Cat (as mace or club)
Trade goods: Purloined cables

7 - Castrato
Trained weapon: Little knife (as dagger)
Trade goods: Fine soprano voice

8 - Landbound Midshipman
Trained weapon: Dirk (as dagger)
Trade goods: Oversized uniform

9 - Nerf-herder
Trained weapon: Crook (as club)
Trade goods: 1d4 nerf

Tim Shorts said...
10 - Halfling Potato Carver
a carving knife and 1-14 potatoes (I had to include a zocchi roll)

ScrivenerB said...
11- Stylite. It has Vancian provenance afterall.
Comes with 30' rope attached to a bucket.
Weapon: cat-o-nine-tails (d5 subdual).

The occupation knows about religion, balance, and dealing with inclement weather. When your 'job' is to sit atop a pillar for years you get intimately familiar with the weather. ...

Darien Mason said...
12 - Water Carrier
Weapon: Staff
Goods: two wooden buckets

13 - Barber
Weapon: Knife
Goods: metal bowl

SAROE said...
14 - Dwarf Dentist
Trained Weapon-Hammer
Trade Goods-Chisel, Sack of Teeth (6d6)

Not real good on the preventive care side of things-but for extractions they tend to get the right tooth in less than three tries.
Ryan said...

15 - 1. Occupation: Leech Collector
Trained Weapon: Dagger
Trade Goods: Bag of leeches

These unfortunate souls collect leeches for physicians. They typically do this by wading into leech-infested waters, letting the leeches attach to their legs, and then prying them off and selling them to a doctor.

16 - 2. Occupation: Fuller

Trained Weapon: Club

Trade Goods: Bale of wool

The fuller spends his days cleaning the impurities out of bales of wool...by soaking them in a vat of ankle-deep urine, which they stand in, and pound the wool with their hands, feet, or a club.
ApisFurioso said...
17 - dwarven bar-maid
heavy tankard (as club)
battered serving tray (as shield)
trading goods, smiles, lies, kisses, and a overheard rumor

Roger the GS said...
18 - Occupation: Worminger
Weapon: Worm goad
Trade goods: 3 vials of worm medicine (unpredictable effects on non-worms), collection of worm scrapers and probes.

19 -Occupation: Ceremonialist (each title will be different, examples: "Lord High Portreeve of the Stars and Garters"; "Under-Chatelaine Pursuivant to the Council of Insignificant Trades"; "Bailiff and Cryer for the Court of Groves and Orchards.")
Weapon: Ceremonial mace (gems already pawned)
Goods: Fancy, easily mocked outfit; small handbook of court protocol

Steve Moss said...
20- Occupation: Turkey wanker
Weapon: Feather duster
Trade goods: Pair of soft, leather gloves

21 - Occupation: Assistant torturer
Weapon: whip
Trade Goods: grey hood (as an assistant you don't get to wear the black one)

Nerzenjäger said...
22 - Occupation: Peat Cutter
Weapon: Spade
Trade goods: some peat, shovel
Wymarc said...
23 - Occupation: Courtesan
Weapon: Stiletto blade with hidden garotte and razor in handle
Trade Good: Sewing & Makeup Kit
bananaBill said...
24 - Occupation: dwarven beard decorator.
Weapon: razorblade, 1d5 dmg.
Tradegoods: ribbons, glass pearls, beard decorations.

In the dwarven halls, ones class in society is reflected in the gaudiness of ones decorated beard. Now, it is time to take this craft to the world beyond.
Bret said...
25 - Sausage maker
Weapon: a large string of sausages or salamis (10 lbs)
Trade good: d4 dogs who follow him around drooling (will chase a thrown sausage, even into combat)

Sick and tired of stuffing meat into intestines. Now I'mma take these dogs and sausages into that treasure pit and get rich.
Andrew said...
26 -Occupation: Assistant Pig-Keeper
Trained Weapon: Stick (1d4)
Trade Goods: Runaway Pig

Well, the pig got away, and if you go home, you'll never hear the end of it. Time for you and your pig to seek your fortune!
Andrew said...
27 - Occupation: Beach/Bank Comber
Trained Weapon: gaff hook (polearm)
Trade Goods: Manky, dank net bag.

You've pulled things out of the river/ocean long enough to see some truly disturbing things.

mwschmeer said...
28 - Occupation: Chicken Sexer
Weapon: Broom, bellows
Trade Goods: eggs & feathers

29 - Occupation: Food Taster
Weapon: Dinner Spoon
Trade Goods: 1 bottle fortified wine

30 - Occupation: Knitter
Weapon: Rusty needles & Dull scissors
Trade Goods: Unspun wool

31 - Occupation: Hayward (hedge trimmer)
Weapon: Shears
Trade Goods: Cut flowers

32 - Occupation: Oyster Raker
Weapon: Rake
Trade Goods: Crushed oyster shells, seaweed

33 - Occupation: Unguentary
Weapon: Sticky spoon
Trade Goods: Various glues & adhesives

34 - Occupation: Weirkeeper (keeper of fish traps)
Weapon: Trident
Trade Goods: Dried fish & fishmeal

35 - Occupation: Woodmonger
Weapon: Rough wooden club
Trade Goods: Firewood

36 - Occupation: Fresco painter
Weapon: Paintbrush & palette
Trade Goods: Paint

37 - Occupation: Besom maker (broom maker)
Weapon: Broom
Trade Goods: Brooms & corn stalks

Doug Medesha said...
38 - Occupation: Firefly Wrangler
Weapon: Nets of all kind
Trade goods: Bladders of light

39 - Occupation: Hemp Artificer
Weapon: Soothing smoke
Trade goods: Handwoven ropes and nets.

Roger the GS said...

40 - Occupation: Poseur Assassin
Trained Weapons: Segmented flail and throwing knives.
Trade Goods: Black pajamas and head wrappings; segmented flail and 3 throwing knives, each decorated with scorpions, spiders and dragons but of cheap workmanship (1/6 chance of breaking with each attack, flail head will fly in a random direction).
Teenage boy from 1980s
Trained Weapons: Segmented flail and throwing knives.
Trade Goods: Black pajamas and head wrappings; segmented flail and 3 throwing knives, each decorated with scorpions, spiders and dragons but of cheap workmanship (1/6 chance of breaking with each attack, flail head will fly in a random direction).

mbeacom said...
41 - Occupation: Postal Rider
Weapon: Pepper Spray (as acid splash)(to fend of aggressive dogs)
Trade goods: Information

"Because, when you control the post, you control....INFORMATION!"
42 - Occupation: Dog Whipper
Trained Weapon: Whip
Trade Goods: Large wooden tongs (for canine removal)
43 - Occupation: Groom of the Stool (wiper of the King's royal behind)
Trained Weapon: Varies By Culture
Trade Goods: rags or tissue

44 - Occupation: Sapper
Trained Weapon: Pick
Trade Goods: Spade

baronzemo said...
45 - Occupation: Grammar Guard
Trained Weapon: Pen (1d2 dmg)
Trade Goods: Dictionary

God forbid if your half-orc bararian can't tell the difference between a plural and possessive noun.

Tom Grimshaw said...
46 - Occupation: 10ft Barge-Pole Maker (he's rather tall)
Trained Weapon: Sharpened Barge-pole (as a spear).
Trade Goods: 11ft Barge-Pole (for things you wouldn't touch with a 10 footer).
Novelty Barge-Pole Keychain (a twig on a piece of string, minus any keys).
Steel Helm (for all those bumped heads on door frames when he forgets to stoop).

Tom Grimshaw said...
47 - Occupation: Pyromaniac
Trained Weapon: Torches (as club with the potential to ignite flammables)
Trade Goods: 1D6+1 Torches, 1D3 Flasks of Oil, Flint, Tinderbox.

"Why did we hire this guy again? - Dimbuldorff the Bemused"

JeffStormer said...
48 - Beekeeper
Weapon: 2d5 troops of trained bees (as throwing knives)
Trade goods: 1d3 jars of plain honey, 1d3 varieties of flavored honey (1d2 jars each)
Covered in infected-looking stinging sores

49 - Organ grinder
Weapon: Squeezebox (as club)
Trade goods: Monkey, tiny fez hat

50 - Halfling Battle-Haggler
Weapon: Scale (As flail)
Trade goods: Ledger, abacus, sack of wooden coins (worth is debatable)

51 - Giant-slayer
Weapon: handaxe
Trade goods: 2d25 beans (1 in 40 chance of beanstalk growth when thrown)

52 - Street Musician
Weapon: 1d55 razor-tipped cards (as darts) (52 cards+2 jokers+"How to Play Halfling Hold 'Em")
Trade goods: Flowers, scarves, rabbit, 1d4 pigeons

KristianH said...
53 - Body Snatcher
Weapon: Dagger
Trade Goods: Humanoid Body (deceased)

You collect the deceased to sell them to Wizards, Warlocks and Chaos Cultists.

54 - Rat Catcher
Weapon: Ratters Staff (as Staff)
Trade Goods: Small but vicious dog

55 - Elven Dance Instructor
Weapon: Dagger
Trade Goods: Dancing Shoes and Cool Moves that make the Ladies go Whooo...

Cowboy Micah said...
56 - Occupation: Whaler
Trained Weapon: Harpoon (as Javelin)
Trade Goods: ivory dice, scrimshawed walrus tusk

Typical whalers are predisposed to drinking,cursing,whoring,and gambling.They also make fine storytellers.

Dak Ultimak said...
57 - Occupation: Dog Walker
Trained Weapon: Stick (as club)
Trade Good: 1d3 dogs

58 - Occupation: Bar Back/Wench
Trained Weapon: Dagger
Trade Good: Towel

Jim said...
59 - Tanner
Knife (as dagger)
2 yards of leather

60 - Baker
Rolling Pin (as club)
1 pound flour (wheat, rye, spelt, etc)

runeslinger said...
61 - Occupation: Shrubber
Trained Weapons: Shears, scathing social commentary
Trade Goods: landscaping skill (seasonal), 1d5 seedlings,(seasonal), 2d4 pouches of varied shrub seeds, advice

"Judging by the undergrowth,no one has propitiated an oppressive,class-conscious deity at this forsaken temple at the expense of honest laborers for at least 50 years..."

62 - Occupation: Link Boy
Trained Weapon: Wooden Club
Trade Goods; Flask of Oil, 1d4 torches

Unknown said...
63 - Royal Food Taster
Weapon: Fork (as dagger)
Trade Good: Antidote powder

64 - Occupation: Window Tapper
Trained Weapon: Staff
Trade Goods: 10' pole and candle lantern

Description: Paid to wake folks in urban areas by tapping on their windows/shutters (ground and first floors) using a candle lantern suspended from a long pole.

65 - Occupation: Curse Scriber
Trained Weapon: Hammer
Trade Goods: Lead sheets, small hammer, scribing tools

Description: Paid to inscribe curses, which are then nailed to the appropriate place, temple, sacred spot, victim's front door, etc.

HiroTsukasa said...

66 - Occupation: Thimblerigger
Trained Weapon: Knife (as Dagger)
Trade Goods: 3x Thimbles and pea

67 - Ocupation: Mariner
Trained Weapon: Oar (as Club)
Trade Goods: Sea Astrolabe

In the event it comes up, I already own "Ooze Pits of Jonas Gralk" and "Perils of the Sunken City" so if I get selected on those just pass it on to another at random.

Roger the GS said...

68 - Occupation: Royal Poison Taster
Trained Weapons: Throwing knives, throwing plates
Trade Goods: Salt and pepper shakers; other half of the poisoned dry sausage you threw to the dog just before quitting the job for good.

Stuart Lloyd said...
69 - Ocupation: Gossipmonger
Trained weapon: Dagger
Trade goods: Parchment and ink.

Description: Fancy getting under the skin of the town and finding out all of its dirty little secrets? This is the occupation for you. Finding juicy gossip and pinning it up about town is your trade. If anyone wants to know anything more important, however, then it will cost them extra.

70 - Halfling Hippie
Trained weapon : Garden hoe
Trade goods: pipe and pound of pipeweed

Doug Medesha said...
71 - Occupation: Charcuter d'Offal
Trained Weapons: Sharp knives, strong tongs, large grinder.
Trade goods: Bladders, beaks, hooves and eye-balls. Daemonherders-pie and biting-sausage.

An expert in using what the sausage maker won't.

72 - Copier Repairman
Trained Weapon: Screwdriver
Trade goods: Toolkit

Description: You were fixing that cranky IBM Copier II at the bank when: "Flash!" followed by "Where the heck am I?"

bananaBill said...
73 - Halfling tobacco farmer.
Weapon: rake 1d4
Tradegoods: pipe, 1d3 bags of pipeweed with 1d12 sp worth left in each.

74 - Occupation: fence
Weapon: dagger (stolen, chances are npcs at startup area will recognize it as their own)
Trade goods: two randomly chosen things from the equipment table. Stolen, of course.

Dra8er said...
75 - Occupation: Messenger
Trained Weapon: dagger
Trade Goods: A good pair of boots
(+1 to Stamina)

Description: Messengers were lesser diplomats of the lord who carried receipts, letters, and commodities. The occupation of a Messenger was often dangerous as if the message delivered was less than favorable the Messenger was often the victim of the incurred anger of the recipient leading to the saying "Don't kill the messenger". Messengers were eventually made exempt from punishment by Law due to the news they delivered.

76 - Occupation: Painter
Trained Weapon: Paint Scraper (treated as -1 dagger)
Trade Goods: Toolbox filled with various shades of pigments and brushes.

Description: Medieval castles were highly colorful and the services of painters were often required. They also painted signs and structures.

- Prince Herb said... 
77 - City Watchman
Weapon: truncheon
Trade Goods: dragon hand-puppet
(Holy crap - it's me! :)

Andrew Byers said...
78 - Occupation: Fop
Trained Weapon: Rapier
Trade Goods: Snuffbox

79 - Flagellant
Weapon: thick knotted rope (treat as club)
Trade Goods: A scrap of fine cloth, purported to belong to a saint

80 - Mushroom farmer
Weapon: trowel (treat as club)
Trade Goods: a pound of excellent mushrooms

81 - Truffle Hunter
Weapon: pig-beating stick (treat as club)
Trade Goods: a trained truffle-hunting pig

Jason1977 said...
82 - Gnome Gigolo
Trained weapon: Sword cane (dagger)
Trade Goods: Look at the nose

Nemo235 said...
83 - Buffoon
Weapon: Jester Stick (club)
Trade Goods: Grease paint, belled hat and shoes

Nemo235 said...
84 - Bowyer
Weapon: Bow
Trade Goods: Wood working knives, arrows

85 - Carter
Weapon: Hammer
Trade Goods: Cart, stone blocks

86 - Dyer
Weapon: Stirring Paddle (Club)
Trade Goods: Cloth, Jars of dye

87 - Occupation: Horse Trainer
Weapon: Whip or Lasso
Trade Goods: Tack set, horse-hair crafts

88 - Occupation: Apprentice Jeweler
Weapon: Hammer (One-handed)
Trade Goods: 1d6 uncut gemstones

Reason for taking up the Adventuring life: Got a little too enthusiastic and turned a nice-sized gem into several smaller ones.
ApisFurioso said...
89 - Elven Mime
trained weapon, Dagger
Trade goods, white face paint, fancy black clothing, beret.

"why dosent he just open the door, its not really there"

90 - halfling tight rope walker
trained weapon, pole, (as staff)
large net and coils of silk rope, fancy silk outfit
"dont laugh, its a long way down for someone that short"

91 - Dwarven rodeo clown
trained weapon, club
trade goods, empty barrel, make-up kit, large felt nose

"and there goes El Torro, again"

92 - philosophy student
trained weapon, quill, as dart
trade goods, 1d7 rolled scrolls on various philosophy's

"i think, therefore i am dragon kibble"

93 - Royal Bed Bouncer
Trained Weapon: Staff
Trade Goods: Luxurious Goose Down Pillow.

Description: Turns down royal bed covers at night and checks for traps including "bouncing" on the bed to make sure there are no explosive devices installed.

Eldric IV said...
94 - Academe
Trained Weapon: Staff (got to hit the sass in the back row)
Trade Goods: Quill and Ink

Doug Medesha said...
95 - Occupation: Dodgy Scribe
Trained Weapon: Pen, ink and scroll
Trade Goods: Liable, slander, stolen magic. Truth and true names.

Not only does this Scribe write outlandish love-letters, but writes blessing and curses on all media - paper, spellbooks, walls, tattoos, armor, minds and hearts. Usually "borrowed."
96 - Occupation: Keeper of the Wolf.
Trained Weapons: Traps, swords, keys, toe nail clippers.
Trade Goods: Fearless companion. Goodwill to those who wish for it. Toe nail clippers.

The tiny "wolf" might "keep" the human. There are also wine, coffee, magic cheese balls. We are also enemies of Ravens, Llamas, Chipmunks, other humans and other dogs. Friend of Quetzalcoat. Trout are strange.

Unknown said...
97 - Occupation: Spice Merchant
Trained Weapons: Mortar and Pestle
Trade Goods: 2d6 jars and assorted spices

tehbagder said...
98 - Occupation: Badger Wrangler
Trained Weapons: Pitchfork (as spear)
Trade goods: 2d6 truffles of different flavors

99 - Occupation: Hitchhiker
Trained Weapon: Towel
Trade Goods: 1 Annotated Travel Guide

100 - Occupation: Toad Wrangler
Trained Weapons: Toad-Goad (as Spear)
Trade Goods: Stretched Toad-hides, Toad-Jerky

101 - Occupation: Apprentice Pickler
Trained Weapons: Ladle (as club)
Trade Goods: 2d4 pounds of pickling brine, jars, lids, maybe some wax

102 - Occupation: Handle-Maker
Trained Weapons: Hand-axe
Trade Goods: Assorted hammer, axe and similar handles in a sack

103 - Occupation: Pure-Finder
Trained Weapons: Shovel
Trade Goods: Too many pounds of dog shit

104 - Occupation: Windmill-repairer
Trained Weapons: Hammer, heavy canvas-needle (as dagger)
Trade Goods: 200' of stout rope, random assortment of canvas patches, 300' tough cordage

105 - Occupation: Hide-Scraper
Trained Weapons: Scraper (as dagger)
Trade Goods: 2d4 full skins of poorly tanned leather or raw-hide

106 - Occupation: Chalk-cutter
Trained Weapons: Dagger
Trade Goods: 1d6 pounds of raw chalk

107 - Occupation: Old-Style Tanner
Trained Weapons: Club
Trade Goods: rancid animal brains, badly tanned leather

108 - Occupation: Bucket-maker
Trained Weapons: Hammer
Trade Goods: 3d4 Buckets

109 - Occupation: Parchment-maker
Trained Weapons: Dagger
Trade Goods: 1-2 goats

110 - Occupation: Torch-wrapper
Trained Weapons: Club, Torch
Trade Goods: Torches

111 - Occupation: Water-Dowser
Trained Weapons: Dowsing rod, shovel
Trade Goods: Almost always knows where to find water

112 - Occupation: Cat-Skinner
Trained Weapons: Dagger
Trade Goods: 1d4 angry cats in a box

113 - Occupation: Sand-Bagger
Trained Weapons: Shovel
Trade Goods: 3d4 empty burlap bags

114 - Occupation: Charcoal-burner
Trained Weapons: Scoop or tongs
Trade Goods: 1d4 pounds of charcoal

115 - Occupation: Ex-Mucker
Trained Weapons: pitchfork, broom and shovel
Trade Goods: Keys to the stable

116 - Occupation: Quill-cutter
Trained Weapons: Dagger
Trade Goods: 2d4 pounds of un-cut feathers

117 - Occupation: Cobbler's Assistant
Trained Weapons: Hammer
Trade Goods: 3d10 hob-nails, assorted pieces fo unfinished shoes

118 - Occupation: Spider-Handler
Trained Weapons: Forked staff
Trade Goods: Spider-poison antidote
James Huff
119 -Occupation: Bartender
Trained Weapon: Club
Trade Goods: Cask of Ale

120 - Occupation: Lice-Picker
Trained Weapons: Large Shears (as dagger)
Trade Goods: Assortment of fine-tooth combs and large jar of Hannister's Secrete Herbyl Grease

Sewicked said...
121 - Occupation: Groom
Trained Weapon: pitchfork
Trade Goods: reins, leather repair kit, shovel, leather oil

122 - Occupation: peat cutter
Trained weapon: shovel
Trade Goods: barrow, peat, (& anything found in the peat)

123 - Occupation: lace maker
Trained weapon: scissors &/or(depends on the type of lace - wood bobbins (throwing knives), knitting needles (as stilletos), tatting shuttles with thread (garrotte)
trade goods: lengths of lace, scissors, thread, beeswax, beads

124 - Occupation: smoker (smokes to properly age pipes)
Trained weapon: breath
Trade goods: pipes, pipeweed, pipe cleaners

Hobbs665 said...
125 - Occupation: Scrimshaw
Trained Weapon: Engraving awl
Trained Goods: Ivory
Sewicked said...

126 - Occupation: Tinker
Trained weapon: Tin snips (dagger)
Trade goods: kitchen implements, repair tools, bag, maybe a donkey

127 - Occupation: Hedger (trims hedge rows)
Trained weapons: hedge clippers (short sword)
Trade goods: clippers, clippings

128 - Occupation: butler (tends to the wines and alcohol beverages)
Trained weapons: bottles (clubs)
Trade goods: wine, mead, corkscrew, other alcoholic potables

129 - Occupation: Hairdresser
Trained weapon: Hair sticks (1d2 dmg; exotic weapon)
Trade goods: 1d4 pairs of hair sticks (roll 1d4 for material); hair gel jar

1. wood
2. bone
3. metal
4. crystal

130 - Occupation: Pie maker.
Weapon: Wooden rolling pin (as club).
Trade goods: 1d4 pies (roll 1d100 on the Pie table below) & metal pie mold.

Motto: "I don't sell to orcs!"

Pie table
1. Aloo pie
2. Apple pie
3. Bacon and egg pie
4. Bakewell tart
5. Banana Cream Pie
6. Banoffee pie
7. Bean pie
8. Bedfordshire clanger
9. Bisteeya
10. Black bun
11. Blackberry pie
12. Blueberry pie
13. Bob Andy pie
14. Bougatsa
15. Boysenberry
16. Bridie
17. Buko pie
18. Bundevara
19. Burek
20. Butter pie
21. Caramel tart
22. Cheese pie
23. Cherry pie
24. Chess pie
25. Chicken and mushroom pie
26. Chinese pie
27. Coconut Cream Pie
28. Cookie Cake Pie
29. Corned beef pie
30. Shepherd's pie
31. Coulibiac
32. Cumberland pie
33. Curry pie
34. Custard tart
35. Derby pie
36. Empanada
37. Fisherman's Pie
38. Flan
39. Flapper pie
40. Fleischkuekle
41. Fried pie
42. Gibanica
43. Homity pie
44. Hornazo
45. Jamaican patty
46. Kalakukko
47. Karelian pasties
48. Khachapuri
49. Knish
50. Key lime pie
51. Killie pie
52. Lemon meringue pie
53. Manchester tart
54. Meat pie
55. Meat and potato pie
56. Melton Mowbray pork pie
57. Mince pie
58. Minui pie
59. Mississippi mud pie
60. Natchitoches meat pie
61. Neapolitan pie
62. Öçpoçmaq
63. Pastilla
64. Peach pie
65. Pecan pie
66. Pirozhki
67. Pizza Pie
68. Pork pie
69. Pukka Pies
70. Pumpkin pie
71. Pyrih
72. Quiche
73. Raspberry pie
74. Razzleberry
75. Red velvet cake pie
76. Rhubarb pie
77. Salteñas
78. Sambusac
79. Scotch pie
80. Sea-pie
81. Sfiha
82. Shepherd's Pie
83. Shoofly pie
84. spinach pie
85. Stargazy pie
86. Steak and kidney pie
87. Steak pie
88. Strawberry pie
89. Strawberry rhubarb pie
90. St. Stephen's Day pie
91. Sugar pie
92. Sweet potato pie
93. Tarta de Santiago
94. Tiropita
95. Torta caprese
96. Tourtière
97. Treacle tart
98. Vlaai
99. Woolton pie
100. Zelnik
Neko--kun said...
131 - Occupation: Dwarven Apothecary
Trained Weapon: Pestle (As Club)
Trade Goods: 1d3 Vials (See table for contents; All contain alcohol.

Vial Contents
1 - Antitoxin
2 - Baby Soothe
3 - Mother's Milk
4 - Cave fish Oil
5 - Dwarven Snake Oil
6 - Extract of Puffball
7 - Olive Oil
8 - Ragnar's Sober Solution
9 - Beard Wax
10 - Slugbutter
11 - Eye Drops
12 - Mouthwash
13 - Belly Grease
14 - Vodka
132 - Occupation: Game Designer
Trained Weapon: 20-sided die
Trade Goods: 2d100 rule books and modules
ApisFurioso said...
133 - Elvish Kite-Maker
Scissors (as dagger)
Kite, string, 100 yards
always looking at the sky"


  1. #40 Poseur Assassin- you can delete the second part of the entry as that was my attempted joke about knowing a lot of guys like that in my teens. Roger GS conceded that 'Mall Ninja' WAS the inspiration for the entry.

  2. Just noticed I wrote "Street MUSICIAN," when I meant "Street MAGICIAN." This is why you don't write Occupations at work!

  3. These are occupations? Some people are being a little over particular. Besides, one doesn't work as a castrato, one is a castrato. A butcher can be a castrato, a singer can be a castrato, but a castrato with no occupation is usually being supported by somebody, or starving.


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