Sunday, July 29, 2012

Where O' Where is the Next Part of the RuneQuest 6 Review?

Good question.

I'm waiting on the previously announced interactive RQ6 character sheet PDF to appear on The Design Mechanic website (it's been nearly 3 weeks since it's been mentioned on the forums). I plan(ned?) on generating a character and screenshoting the character sheet as part of the hands on review process. If you have ever seen my penmanship, you'll know why I want the interactive PDF.

So I wait. You wait. We all wait.


Maybe I'll do some some more reading of Other Dust for my Faux Rifts Mahup...


  1. Tried hard to play Runequest in various incarnations but it never succeeded beyond 1 or 2 sessions.

  2. I have posted up a question about the editable pdf character sheet at The Design Mechanism, so we shall see. Hopefully you can get back to the review soon.


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