Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mini Review - Alternate Occupations (DCC RPG)

Alternate Occupations came on my radar a few days ago, but with my own Create a 0-Level Occupation contest going on at this blog, it seemed best to wait before looking.

My gut feeling? Mixed.

I like the idea of breaking out the races for their own tables, as players, or even the GM may want an "All Dwarf" party.

Not too hot on breaking the occupations out by class. It just seems to go against the grain of the DCC RPG to me.

To be honest, many of the occupations submitted to the contest on this blog were more imaginative (I just need to prune the list down to 100 or less).

That being said, the definitions of the more obscure occupations was a nice touch, and something that was noticeably missing from the core DCC rules.

In the end, Alternate Occupations is just two bucks. Which is cheap. Until you realize you can grab Bone Hoard of the Dancing Horror for $2.75. Which just goes to show what a bargain Bone Hoard actually is.

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