Thursday, August 2, 2012

Phew! Prizes Are Awarded - Back to Regular Tavern Business

Because You Need to
Armor Up Against Spittle
The 0-Level Occupation Contest is over - long live The Dwarven Dentist - may he never run out of teeth to extract!

I expect things to start to slow down a bit here at the tavern for a bit. The serving wench has piled up her tray, and she's passing a lot of full plates on to me. So the 2-4 posts per day? I think 1-3 (most likely 2) is going to be the trend. I need to get a bedroom ready for new furniture (the wife is the task master here), I have my GAPs project to work on (although that is going to start off slowly because...) and I have a "paying in beer money" project that has been cleared and now needs me to address it. Yeah! Beer! Remember, I prefer microbrews, so I always need more beer money!

I'm beginning to think that the next non-DCC game that I run via the UA-LC will be a short Arc in either SWN or Other Dust. Not sure yet. I'll announce if and when I solidify the idea.

Alright, I need to work on a review or two. Oh, and did an interactive "plug in the numbers" PDF character sheet ever appear on the RuneQuest 6 website? I want it! Wahhhh! ;)

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