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The Winners of the "Post a 0-Level Occupation for the DCC RPG" Are...

This really was difficult in the most awesome of ways. I never expected the number of entries - 133 - let alone the high quality of the entries. If I could give everyone a prize I would, but I can't.

So, here are the prize winners:

Winner of Issues 1 and 2 of Crawl!, the DCC Fanzine is... SAROE for the following entry:

Dwarf Dentist
Trained Weapon-Hammer
Trade Goods-Chisel, Sack of Teeth (6d6)
Not real good on the preventive care side of things-but for extractions they tend to get the right tooth in less than three tries. This made me laugh out loud and got my wife walking over to check it out :)

SAROE, I'll need your snail mail address so I can forward it on to Dak.

The following 5 posters have won their choice of one of the first 16 releases from the Toys For the Sandbox series AND their choice of either TFTSB #23 Pirate Island or #24 The Lost Colony. The first part of this prize selection is from me and the second part is courtesy of Quinn Conklin, the writer of the Toys For the Sandbox series.

Tom Grimshaw
Occupation: Goblinoid Dungeon Janitor.
Trained Weapon: Broom (As Quarterstaff but with double damage against things of a mucky nature, such as ooze).
Trade Goods: Sack of Trash (but one mans trash is another mans treasure). love the image

Occupation: dwarven beard decorator.
Weapon: razorblade, 1d5 dmg.
Tradegoods: ribbons, glass pearls, beard decorations. my wife really liked this one

Occupation: Shrubber
Trained Weapons: Shears, scathing social commentary
Trade Goods: landscaping skill (seasonal), 1d5 seedlings,(seasonal), 2d4 pouches of varied shrub seeds, advice

"Judging by the undergrowth,no one has propitiated an oppressive,class-conscious deity at this forsaken temple at the expense of honest laborers for at least 50 years..." so bizarre it has to be good ;)

Christopher B
Copier Repairman
Trained Weapon: Screwdriver
Trade goods: Toolkit

Description: You were fixing that cranky IBM Copier II at the bank when: "Flash!" followed by "Where the heck am I?" the most original one of the bunch

Prince Herb 
77 - City Watchman
Weapon: truncheon
Trade Goods: dragon hand-puppet  Holy crap - it's me! :)

The above 5 winners will need to forward me the email address they use at RPGNow / OneBookShelf so Quinn and I can get you your prizes.

Now we get to the random prize winners. The roll was made with a d7 and a d20, ignoring rolls of 20, to give me a table from 1 to 133.

The winners are:

106 - garrisonjames -  1 Copy of Ooze Pits of Jonas Gralk (courtesy of Purple Sorcerer Games) 

Occupation: Chalk-cutter
Trained Weapons: Dagger
Trade Goods: 1d6 pounds of raw chalk

37 - mwschmeer   1 Copy of Ooze Pits of Jonas Gralk (courtesy of Purple Sorcerer Games) 

Occupation: Besom maker (broom maker)
Weapon: Broom
Trade Goods: Brooms & corn stalks

26 - Andrew - 1 Copy of Perils of the Sunken City (again, courtesy of Purple Sorcerer Games in PDF
Occupation: Assistant Pig-Keeper
Trained Weapon: Stick (1d4)
Trade Goods: Runaway Pig

Well, the pig got away, and if you go home, you'll never hear the end of it. Time for you and your pig to seek your fortune!

130 - Gabriel Perez Gallardi - 1 Copy of Attack of the Frawgs! (courtesy of Thick Skull Adventures)
Occupation: Pie maker.
Weapon: Wooden rolling pin (as club).
Trade goods: 1d4 pies (roll 1d100 on the Pie table below) & metal pie mold.

Motto: "I don't sell to orcs!"

Pie table
1. Aloo pie
2. Apple pie
3. Bacon and egg pie
4. Bakewell tart
5. Banana Cream Pie
6. Banoffee pie
7. Bean pie
8. Bedfordshire clanger
9. Bisteeya
10. Black bun
11. Blackberry pie
12. Blueberry pie
13. Bob Andy pie
14. Bougatsa
15. Boysenberry
16. Bridie
17. Buko pie
18. Bundevara
19. Burek
20. Butter pie
21. Caramel tart
22. Cheese pie
23. Cherry pie
24. Chess pie
25. Chicken and mushroom pie
26. Chinese pie
27. Coconut Cream Pie
28. Cookie Cake Pie
29. Corned beef pie
30. Shepherd's pie
31. Coulibiac
32. Cumberland pie
33. Curry pie
34. Custard tart
35. Derby pie
36. Empanada
37. Fisherman's Pie
38. Flan
39. Flapper pie
40. Fleischkuekle
41. Fried pie
42. Gibanica
43. Homity pie
44. Hornazo
45. Jamaican patty
46. Kalakukko
47. Karelian pasties
48. Khachapuri
49. Knish
50. Key lime pie
51. Killie pie
52. Lemon meringue pie
53. Manchester tart
54. Meat pie
55. Meat and potato pie
56. Melton Mowbray pork pie
57. Mince pie
58. Minui pie
59. Mississippi mud pie
60. Natchitoches meat pie
61. Neapolitan pie
62. Öçpoçmaq
63. Pastilla
64. Peach pie
65. Pecan pie
66. Pirozhki
67. Pizza Pie
68. Pork pie
69. Pukka Pies
70. Pumpkin pie
71. Pyrih
72. Quiche
73. Raspberry pie
74. Razzleberry
75. Red velvet cake pie
76. Rhubarb pie
77. Salteñas
78. Sambusac
79. Scotch pie
80. Sea-pie
81. Sfiha
82. Shepherd's Pie
83. Shoofly pie
84. spinach pie
85. Stargazy pie
86. Steak and kidney pie
87. Steak pie
88. Strawberry pie
89. Strawberry rhubarb pie
90. St. Stephen's Day pie
91. Sugar pie
92. Sweet potato pie
93. Tarta de Santiago
94. Tiropita
95. Torta caprese
96. Tourtière
97. Treacle tart
98. Vlaai
99. Woolton pie
100. Zelnik

40 - Roger the GS - 1 Copy of Bone Hoard of the Dancing Horror (courtesy of Purple Duck Games)
Occupation: Poseur Assassin
Trained Weapons: Segmented flail and throwing knives.
Trade Goods: Black pajamas and head wrappings; segmented flail and 3 throwing knives, each decorated with scorpions, spiders and dragons but of cheap workmanship (1/6 chance of breaking with each attack, flail head will fly in a random direction).
AKA Teenage boy from 1980s

Okay - the winners above need to reach out to me at the following email: erikATtrubluniteDOTnet.

It was an amazing experience to run this contest. Now I need to find a way to surpass this with the next contest ;)


  1. Congrats to the winners. And to Tenkar for putting this whole ting together. There were a ton of great entries.

  2. Yep - 133 of them.

    At the beginning of the summer i had thoughts of joining the excellent ranks of the "ziners", but I could never pull off the on time consistant quality folks like you, christian, dak and all the others do.

    I am good at highs and lows of inconsistant quality on this blog.

    This contest swept away my high water mark ;)

  3. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks Erik for putting on a great contest! I also love how your Google Ads are now displaying a bunch of links for "Pie Recipes" Ha!

  4. It took a bit of time for me to figure out which email account I actually use for RPGNow, but I managed in the end. It's alexei_mcdonald at hotmail dot com.

  5. Prince Herb - need you to pick your two prizes, or we will pic for you ;)

    choice of one of the first 16 releases from the Toys For the Sandbox series AND their choice of either TFTSB #23 Pirate Island or #24 The Lost Colony. The first part of this prize selection is from me and the second part is courtesy of Quinn Conklin, the writer of the Toys For the Sandbox series.

  6. Please make the choice for me! I know you will pick the very finest possible prizes.

  7. "Poseur Assassin" made me guffaw.

    Reminded me of Saturdays scrounging for old comics at my local flea market, while the bigger kids stocked up on ninja stars and bandannas.

    1980s, indeed.


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