Sunday, July 29, 2012

Going From Rifts to GAP

GAP - General Alternative to "Palladium" is the working title for my Stars Without Number / Other Dust / Labyrinth Lord mashup that will borrow some themes and tropes from Rifts. I want something that is coherent enough to be played on it's own but simple enough to use as an engine for those that want to play in the Rifts setting without using the broken Rifts rules.

As it stands now, it's going to be a fan project that will be worked on "live" on this blog. I can pretty much guarantee that the end result will have little resemblance to Rifts, but that isn't the goal. The goal is to mash up something that is viable on it's own AND can serve as a relatively coherent engine to play in the Rifts Universe. Or Mechanoids. Damn, i liked Mechanoids.

First thing I'm going to brainstorm is which classes can make the transition intact, which ones need tweaking, and if any need created.


  1. You're a brave, brave man. Good luck, sir.

  2. If I start talking about using S.D.C and M.D.C - take me in a back alley and put one in my head - I've already been zombified at that point ;)

  3. LOL, I really want to see how you work spellcasters into the SWN Mechanic. For me that is all that's really missing. Porting LL races(AEC versions anyway) to SWN is pretty straight forward.

  4. psi points magic points, hmmms. very interesting. converting the psi to magic and viceversa thats the ticket


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