Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Final Countdown on Raggi's Summer Madness Crowd Funding Campaigns - 3 Funded - 1 Close

The final few hours of the LorFP's Summer Crowd Funding Campaigns are among us. 19 projects went in - 3 have funded so far. Hell, this is turning into a DCC funnel of sorts ;)

A fourth is nearing it's goal. Towers Two, written and illustrated by David Brockie (GWAR) is nearing it's goal. It will effectively fund at $5k, as James himself will put in the final $1k to reach it's goal.

I need to remind myself to take a peek before I go to sleep tonight, and decide what i definitely want to fund. Reint's and Green's projects are definite - I very much like their work. Vince Baker's is also funded, and I'm a bit on the fence here - Apocalypse World is the best playing / worst written game I know (my opinion - yours may vary). Maybe I'll grab Baker's in PDF.

Here's the skinny on the Towers Two:

Lamentations of the Flame Princess presents Towers Two by Dave Brockie

For centuries the province of Gar has been governed by the famously wealthy Family Hune. The mighty “Towers Two” have stood as a symbol of stability and prosperity over a world increasing slipping into chaos. But ever since the difficult birth of the identical twin brothers Rondrel and Zal, a shadow has fallen over the family and the land they had ruled for centuries. The brothers quarreled over the power they had inherited from their father, squandering their wealth, and sending the line into decay. The nearby village of Ham, once happy to call Towers Two and the Family Hune their protectors now live in fear of the fortress and it inhabitants―a fear born from the outrageous rumors that surround this ancient family and provide ample gossip for the taverns. But how much truth is there to the tales of strange lights that can be seen over the castle, people disappearing from their homes, and bizarre creatures haunting the fringes of the settlements? Just what the hell is happening up there? A group of local merchants wants to know, and are willing to pay to get the answers…

About the Author
Towers Two is the first professional RPG credit from Dave Brockie, the man better known to the world as Oderus Urungus, lead singer of the legendary shock-metal band GWAR. In addition to playing GWAR’s pig-nosed singer for over 25 years, Brockie is an avid artist and writer whose first novel, the blood-soaked Whargoul, can be found here...

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