Sunday, July 29, 2012

ACKS Short Session Recap - No Torture and No Fire in the Barrowmaze!

This might be a first for my ACKS group. Last night's session (such as it was - lots of catching up to do amongst folks) didn't have a single incident of torture. The fact that I broke out Barrowmaze I (with some adjustments) and they've only come across undead, constructs and giants rats might have something to do with it. Note to self - if you leave out the intelligent adversary, you also leave out the torturing of the intelligent adversary ;)

We did come close to a fire incident, when the mage spoke of lobbing flaming oil past a combat in a doorway in the room behind - I did explain (as his character has 18 INT it should have been fairly obvious) that his ability to lob flaming oil past an active combat hold action in a room's doorway was minimal. The odds of him lighting on fire the combatants in the doorway? Significant. He rethought his actions ;)

The party currently consists of 4 PCs and 4 1st level henchmen. I think the numbers are sufficient to provide a balanced party, although there still aren't any thieves in the group yet. Damn those pesky traps.

Barrowmaze I looks to be a blast to play through. When I first read and reviewed it, I wasn't running a campaign, so I read it with different eyes, so to speak, and it read very well. In play, it is even more awesome, and we've barely scratched the surface. Should be fun.

Did I mention that the hi-res maps are awesome?

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