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Friday, July 21, 2017

Tavern Picks for the Christmas in July Sale - Part the First

So, go figure. I was able to filter the Christmas in July Sale to show the Hottest OSR releases that are on sale. Damn, but that's extremely useful.

Here's the link for the Hottest on Sale OSR releases.

Now, on to the picks ;)

Class Compendium - Barrel Rider Games - James' quality and production speed simply can't be matched. If you are looking for class options for your B/X / Labyrinth Lord game this is simply, off the shelf goodness. Most of this will also work off the shelf with Swords & Wizardry and other OSR games although you will need to use the occasional tweak. "Class Compendium compiles the best classes from four years of material previously released by barrel rider games into a single tome – and a whole lot of extras! New art, rules for firearms and weapon mastery, new equipment, and three never before released classes! Top it off with an indexed spell compendium featuring every spell used by every class found in these pages, and you've got it all in one package!" Over 50 new classes.  9.99  7.49

Dyson's Delves - ZERO Barrier - Dyson does maps. Period. Wait, that doesn't explain much, does it? Dyson is one of the premiere mappers in the OSR or the hobby as a whole. His work, showcased at his Dyson's Dodecahedron are simply amazing and the style is uniquely his own. With the support of his Patreon backers, Dyson releases maps every month for free commercial use. You want maps? Dyson does maps. "Adventures and maps set under the earth for old-school fantasy roleplaying games (OSR games). Dyson's Delves contains over 140 pages of maps and adventures featuring the unique mapping style of Dyson Logos. Five full adventures fill out the beginning of the book, followed by 44 additional dungeon maps each with a page for the GM to key and make notes about each dungeon.  9.99  7.49

Tome of Horrors Complete - Swords and Wizardry Edition - Frog God Games - True story, I used to keep the hardcover of ToHC right next to my desk. My cat, Ashley, who sees my desk as her own playground, knocked a glass of water partial on ToHC because I wasn't giving her enough attention. Ah well. This book has been my go to for a number of years. Its worth it for the encounters alone. "Monsters from the aberrant to the yellow musk zombie appear in this book, and everything in between-that's over 700 monsters. But it's more than just that, because the entire compilation has also been updated to the Swords & Wizardry rules for release as another version of the volume. And in this version, the space freed up by the smaller stat blocks is filled by sample monster lairs and encounters with the hundreds of different monster types featured in the tome.  So you've got the monsters-both from the original edition of the game and new-the templates, the multiple appendices on rules, planes, and the n'gathau, and a truckload of sample encounters and lairs to throw at your players, all together in one easy-to-use book. That's why we call it The Tome of Horrors Complete!"  29.99  22.49

Sorrowblight Fields- A Swords & Wizardry Mini-Dungeon - Creation's Edge Games - Notice a trend here? Yeah, its no surprise that I am a HUGE Swords & Wizardry fan. I also like things that are small and yet still packed with options (thus Swords & Wizardry Light) Well, Snowblight Fields is that - 11 pages of OSR adventure written for S&W characters of levels 1 to 3. Heck, seems a perfect fit for SWL ;) "A strange disease is spreading quickly across the farmlands, devastating the local crops. And now there’s news of goblins being spotted in the hills to the west. Is there some connection between the goblins and this blight? Sorrowblight Fields is the first of a series of mini-dungeons designed to drop into existing adventures or campaigns. Use them as side quests or a way of getting in a quick adventure when you’re short on time." 1.50  1.13

Amazing Adventures! - Troll Lord Games - Looking for some Pulp in your OSR gaming? Swords & sorcery in the roaring 20s? Well, this might be the pick you've been waiting for. Its a good game built off of the Castles & Crusades Siege Engine and often overlooked. "Amazing Adventures: The RPG of science, sorcery, pugilistic pummeling, gun-toting, sword-wielding, B17-flying, gadget carrying adventure! Whether your game is 1920's, 30's, 40's, 50's or modern, Amazing Adventures will get you there! Complete rules to create and run games, character creation, combat, secret societies, a rogue's gallery and an attribute check system that allows the game master and player to pummel any challenge to a pulp! Amazing Adventures! It’s yours! Take it!" 20.00  15.00

Alright, those are my picks for tonight. Remember, purchases made via The Tavern's RPGNow affiliate links goes to support The Tavern. Show Rach that in my retirement, blogging and writing is better than some part time gig ;)

Christmas in July Sale at RPGNow - 25% off Many PDFs - Tavern Picks will be Forthcoming

Yep, its that time of the year again - its Christmas in July at RPGNow, with a whole swatch of PDFs at 25% off.

I'll be going through some of the offerings and highlighting those that may be of interest to The Tavern's readers. There are 1,530 products under the OSR label that are on sale for Christmas in July (and a whole bunch more that aren't yet labeled OSR I'm sure, so digging will be needed)

In the meantime, Black Pudding #3 just released in PDF. +James V West has done an amazing job yet again. It PWYW, so there is no excuse for you not to grab a copy. Trust me on this. You WANT this. (You also want issues #1 and #2 if you haven't snagged them yet)

Now THIS is a Christmas in July Gift :)

Remember, all purchases made with The Tavern's RPGNow affiliate links return a small portion of the purchase price to The Tavern. As always, we appreciate your support.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Doctor Who RPG at Humble Bundle - Starting at a Buck!

I'll be the first to say I don't follow Doctor Who all that closely. Sure, I used to watch the earlier Doctors on PBS in my younger days and in truth, I had no idea WTF was going on. Cheap and campy scifi for the win, it was still fun even if I was lost while watching.

I understand there is some controversy over the next season / next Doctor. Whatever.

All I know is for 15 bucks I know have access to all of the Doctor Who history that I never knew I wanted, but now I find that I do. Its by Cubicle 7 too. I expect quality when I get around to reading these.

Here's the Humble Bundle Doctor Who RPG link.

So, here's what you get for a buck, eight bucks and the all in price of fifteen bucks.

Enjoy. Even if you only sag it for a buck, the price is impossible to beat.

Frog God Games Books - 30% Off in Print With Coupon

Yep, Bill is back from his European Vacation and he's offering the entire line of in Print Frog God Games books for 30% off (note: Sword of Air is NOT included in the sale due to extremely limited quantities. Sale lasts for a week)

How do you make this work?

1 - Simply go to the Frog God Games web store at http://www.froggodgames.com/

2 - Add what you want to the cart (physical copies include the PDF for instant gratification)

3 - Use BILL-SELLS-BOOK in the coupon box.

4 - Download your PDF copies in the meantime as you await the physical glory of The Frog God to arrive at your abode.

Note: I DO NOT make affiliate monies from sales at the Frog God web store but I do swim in the Frog God pond. Frog God offers high quality RPG books and I do recommend them, but they are not inexpensive. 30% off of print is a damn good deal.

18 Sets of Poly Dice - $25 Bucks

Believe it or not, this was cheaper on Prime Day at Amazon last week, but I missed the sale. Still, bought them right after and received them last Friday and I was impressed. See, I'm used to the ugly dice and incomplete sets one gets with the various Pound of Dice options you can find. Lots of dice whose main benefit is you certainly don't care if you lose any.

Thats not the case here. These 18 sets are high quality, good looking dice of pleasing to look at colors. Color me very surprised. Gems, solids and shell / opal (effect) are the types.

I am now down to 13 sets, having given one set to Rach, another set to my son's fiancee and letting Pinkie pick out three sets this past Saturday. All I can say is ladies certainly prefer the gem dice.

Oh, and a huge dice bag to hold them all.

My one complaint? Only 1d6 per set - I've gotten spoiled and expect three these days in a set ;)

$24.99 for 18 sets of poly dice on Amazon. Ships free with Prime.

Another alternative offers even more for less, but I can't (yet) speak for the quality of the dice. 20 sets for 20 bucks. Yeah, I may need more dice. Heck, at prices like this I could give away a set of dice to players at my next face to face game or when I run some SWL at a con.

$19.99 for 20 sets of poly dice, again at Amazon with free Prime shipping. Can one really have too many dice?

Purchases made through The Tavern's Amazon Affiliate links return a portion of the purchase price to support The Tavern. As always, the Great Poo Poo Face appreciates your support.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

DCC RPG Quick Start Rules are On Sale - 5 Bucks plus Shipping

Before you ask - yes, these are the same rules that were given away for Free RPG Day last month (the same day I got rear ended on the way to my FLGS - so THIS is how I'm getting my copy)

The DCC RPG Quickstart Rules cover the DCC RPG rules from Level 0 to Level 2 and includes both a classic funnel and a NEW Level 1 adventure.

+Jim Wampler is the one that took Joe Goodman's original work and whittled it down to something slightly simplified and hopefully not as intimidating as the full DCC RPG rules.
At long last, the DCC RPG quick start rules! Only $5! 
These starter rules were written specifically to introduce judges and players to the DCC RPG system. In some areas, rules have been condensed and simplified. These rules will serve primarily to get characters through their first level 0 adventure and their first level 1 adventure. Although the rules go up to level 2, for the full DCC experience and play at levels up to 10th, please refer to the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG rulebook! 
This book includes two adventures! You get the enduring classic Portal Under the Stars 0-level adventure for new players, plus in a flip-book format, an all-new level 1 adventure, Gnole House by Michael Curtis, inspired by the works of Lord Dunsany and Margret St. Clair who first wrote of the creature called the “gnole,” which Gary Gygax later evolved into the better-known gnoll! 
These quick start rules & intro adventures were originally released on Free RPG Day.
With shipping it came to 10 bucks. Maybe I should have added an adventure or three, but I was just too excited to be able to order the DCC Starter rules (which is more accurate than Quickstart in my opinion, as you get to level and explore what a campaign actually is)

Nope, no affiliate money changes hands here. Goodman publishes excellent products. I expect this to be nothing less than excellent.

Tavern Chat Tonight - 9 PM - Poo Poo Face is Signing Autographs - NOT!

Yep, its a Wednesday Night and you know what that means! No, its not half price drinks at the watering hole - its Tavern Chat tonight at 9PM

What is Tavern Chat? - a bunch of folks from the OSR get together and use the Chatwing widget on the right side of this very page to "chat". Yes, its very old school - its similar to an old chat room at AOL.

We literally never know who will show up but I can guarentee there will be names you will recognize.

It takes place from 9 PM to 11ish Eastern.

I'll see you there and please, BYOB ;)

The OSR is now "A Thing" at OBS - Interesting to Look at How it Tracks Differently at the Two Store Fronts

If you browse from the drop down list and select "OSR" at RPGNow or DriveThruRPG, you get a Hottest Sellers listing for the OSR. Its interesting to see how the market differs between the two storefronts.

At RPGNow, LotFP's Vaginas Are Magical sneaks into the first spot. Its 10th over at DriveThruRPG.

The DCC RPG comes in in the first spot at DTRPG. At RPGNow, its 9th.

Actually, only four releases make the Top Ten of both lists: VaM, DCC RPG, Beyond the Wall and Hubris.

Not sure what to make of it, but it is interesting to note that the two storefronts obviously have differing customer bases, even within the OSR.

The RPGNow OSR Hot List is here.

The DriveThruRPG Hot List is here.

The Tavern uses affiliate links to both of the above storefronts. A percentage of sales go to support The Tavern. The OBS Christmas in July Sale starts friday.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Inkwell Designs - SideQuest Decks - Pick a Card, Any card (or store)

Inkwell Designs has its SideQuest Decks available to order from three different store fronts:

Amazon - $14.95 with free Prime shipping

RPGNow - $14.95 with the PDF of the deck included

Inkwell Designs - $13.95 with the PDF of the deck included

From the Inkwell site:
We’re excited to revise, expand & update our popular Encounter Decks to Sidequest Decks! 
Why the name change?  It is a more accurate description.  As you likely know, each card is a mini-adventure, not just one encounter. 
What else is new?  Decks 1 & 2 didn’t have the map match the adventure on the other side of the same card.  Now the map is the most important/unique map to the adventure, as in Decks 3 & 4.  If the adventure needs other maps you may pick another card’s map as needed.  Also, Decks 1, 2, and 3 have been sorted into four new decks based on sub-genre/setting and new adventures have been added.  Another improvement: many new maps have been added even for previous adventure outlines to ensure the map matches the adventure.  The new maps are wonderful and some older maps have been tweaked for easier reading. Deck 4 (Science Fiction) only changed the name.
I have the original decks and their are great for inspiration (or emergency adventures when unprepared)

Given the choice I'd get the decks directly through Inkwell Design, as +Joe Wetzel will keep a bigger cut of the price and supporting publishers is where's its at. Purchases made through The Tavern's Amazon or RPGNow affiliate links will generate a portion of the sales to support The Tavern, but I'd rather you support Joe directly. He offers some really solid releases for the gaming community.

If You're Waiting on Me to Vet Your Upcoming Kickstarter...

you may have a while yet to wait. I have a baker's dozen of projects, Kickstarters and apps, that have asked me to look at their work and offer critiques. At the moment, I simply do not have the time. Sadly, my own projects are taking precedence at the moment.

It has gotten me to thinking about releasing a How to Avoid Crowdfunding Failure book. Well, book may be to large a word - I'm thinking 16 to 20 pages on the basic do's and don'ts to give your Kickstarter, Indigogo or what not a fighting chance. It would not guarentee success, as that can only come from the project creator, but it should offer clear warning of the most prominent (and less prominent but still potentially disastrous) pitfalls and suggestions to increase the chance of successful funding (and surviving the success of successful funding)

Maybe $2.50 in PDF, impulse pricing for POD - maybe $3.00 plus cost.

Don't even ask about fucking Kickstarting it...

Noble Knight is Selling CURRENT POD Releases at Over 100% Mark Up

+Rob Conley mentioned this at Bat in the Attic earlier today and I'm doing what I can to spread the word.

Noble Knight is selling currently available Print on Demand books at over 100% mark up. While it is certainly legal, it is something the RPG Community should be made aware of. Don't be taken advantage.

Rob's Scourge of the Demon Wolf is $14.99 for the Print plus PDF at RPGNow.

How much does Noble Knight want for the same book in Print only? $35 ($30 for a VG+ copy)

And here's the kicker - they claim it isn't in print.

Of course its in print - its f'n Print on Demand!

But its not just Rob's stuff. Venger Satanis has even a huger mark up.

Venger's The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence is $14 for the Print plus PDF at RPGNow.

How much is it at Noble Knight? 50 Bucks. Oh, and apparently not in print either. More BS.

Revelry in Torth? $11 Print and PDF at RPGNow. $25 at Noble Knight.

Liberation of the Demon Slayer? $12 in Print and PDF at RPGNow. $25 at Noble Knight.

This is all I checked. If there is a need I'll dig deeper but this goes to show its not a one off mistake but a deliberate and huge markup to catch their customers unaware. Remember, these products are Print on Demand and available as such. They are most certainly NOT out of print.

Edit - Noble Knight games has posted contact info in the comments if there are future pricing issues that rise to the level of notification: (608)-758-9901 or sales@nobleknight.com

Extra Edit: No caffeine makes Tenkar a Grumpy Dwarf - I was grumpier than usual, and more than KNG deserved. They have promised to address such issues going forward. I promise try and be less Grumpy.

I've included affiliate links for RPGNow for the above products. Purchases made through The Tavern's affiliate links got to support The Tavern.

Officially Retired for a Year - The Point of No Return - State of The Tavern

I didn't sleep well last night. I've been looking forward to today and yet dreading it for at least a year. Today is my official Day of No Return - I am no longer able to rescind my retirement papers. I've had the Kansas song Point of Know Return going through my head for days no - seems like my official soundtrack ;)

First, I want to thank each of you, the readers of The Tavern. You support over the years and especially the last year have helped keep the fires burning, the drinks flowing and the posts coming. I can't thank you enough.

The main challenge with being retired at the ripe old age of nearly 50 (happens 2 days before #ConManKen's Kickstarter fiascos are due) is being busy enough that Rach doesn't get any ideas about me working some square badge security gig to keep me busy. So far, I've been doing okay.

As you can guess, The Tavern is a huge time sink. Multiple posts per day don't happen on their own. Further work on SWL, the Torchlight mag, some random side projects and such keep me busy. They don't really make me much income, but that is what the pension is for.

That being said, I am truly grateful to everyone that uses my affiliate links when making purchases at RPGNow and Amazon as well as clicking on the ads that interest you. It really does help. The budget is tighter than I was used to while working but the little extra income goes further than you might think.

Thank you for joining me on this amazing ride.

Remember, The Tenkar's Tavern Facebook Community is the backwater dive of the OSR, with your bartender Poo Poo Face (thank you Ken for finding such an amazing moniker for me) 1,590 members and growing. Grow with us :)

Monday, July 17, 2017

Ken Bought Mad Ox Games & Comics - At a Discount and No Money Down - Who's the Bigger Fool?

So, Marcus sold the money losing, poorly managed Mad Ox Games & Comics to the above mentally disabled (self diagnosed) alleged con man and serial Kickstarter Project creator who has yet to fulfill a project.

Ken was the last manager. He didn't hit his numbers, but he'll be a success as a store owner!

Marcus was asking $20k, so he sold it for $13k. But wait, no money down! Of course, if Ken had money to put down, he'd put it towards that Kickstarters that are due in 2 weeks - Ken's own timetable. I mean, he would - right?

My God - Ken's doing Kickstarter stuff? Probably so he can sell it in store ;)

So, I'm thinking we should run a pool a as to how long it takes for Kenny to:

a - default on paying Marcus

b - default on the lease

c - default on utilities

My money is on 60 days to default on utilities with a trifecta at 90 days.

Now remember, #ConManKen has a self diagnosed mental disability, so when he forgets to pay a bill, he has a built in excuse. Not a valid excuse, mind you, but an excuse none the less.

This is Poo Poo Face with yet another installment in the saga affectionately known as #ConManKen, the Self Diagnosed Mentally Deficient Store Owner and Serial Kickstarter Abuser.

I've Been Playing Dungeon with Pinky - The Six Year Old Gets It!

I picked up the new version of the Dungeon! boardgame to play with my niece. She's six and ever eager to play Dungeons & Dragons with Uncle, so I figured Dungeon! would be a great introduction.

Simply put - it is. Its also a great learning tool.

She enjoys the game play and accumulating treasure. She High Fives when she kills an especially tough monster. More importantly, uncle told her once she can read the names and titles of all the level 1 to 3 cards (monsters and treasure) we'll move on to D&D. More accurately, we'll move on to Swords & Wizardry Light.

Guess what? She's sounding out the cards and making guesses when needed. She's adding dice rolled real quickly and even remembers to add in the plus 1 when she finds a magic sword. When she lost a combat, rolled a 12 to see what damage she took and lost all treasure and had to go back to the beginning? She ran off but came back real quickly - ready to kick the monster's butt and get back her treasures - she's learning more than words and numbers - she's learning to get knocked down and come back up swinging.

Come to think of it, she made a point of NOT adding the plus 1 from her magic sword when she dropped all of her loot. Which was kinda awesome :)

Dungeon! has become a learning tool hidden behind a fun game and she doesn't even know it.

Best purchase I've made with the lass in mind, bar none. Besides, its fun to play as an adult too ;)

Dungeon! is available for $17.16 at Amazon.

Note: A percentage of all sales made with The Tavern's Amazon affiliate links goes to support The Tavern.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Playtest Impressions - Bunny & Burrows Light - No Animals Were Truly Killed in the Playtesting of These Rules

Friday night I was asked an important question: "Do you know of anyone that might like to playtest the Bunnies & Burrows Light rules?" What a loaded question! I spent hours talking with Dr. Sustare one night at NTRPG Con about Swords & Wizardry Light, a new edition of Bunnies & Burrows and the idea of Dennis putting together a "Light" version of the Bunnies & Burrows rules. My answer was "Send me the rules and I'll run it tomorrow night!" and they did and I did.

I sent the rules, character sheets and cards to my Saturday Night Irregulars and assembled out bunny posses. We had three bunnies. I suggested someone name one of their bunnies Hugh Humpalot but wisely no one bit at it.

The bunnies, all young, had to find some Rabbit Flower at a nearby marsh to help heal their den mother who was suffering from an as yet undefined disease.

It really does change the whole narrative when gold and treasure is not the driving force behind an adventure (because even ones that have other motives driving the action still supply opportunities to loot the dead)

Our brave bunnies:

- didn't find and didn't fall into a trap.

- hopped / climbed a tree for a better view, as they had no map (bunnies don't map) and just a vague direction of the marsh they needed to locate.

- were pounced on by a persian kitty who got rabbit punched to an early grave. Rumors that humping bunnies were running amok after their victory is greatly exagerated.

- located the marsh ad Rabbit Flower, but now it was dark

- drove a snake from the hollow of a tree trunk so they would have protection from predators over the night's passing.

- were attacked by and drove off a dachshund (the fact that my wiener dog was barking in the background for the prior half hour simply added to the scene)

- found and fell into that trap they missed the first time

- got the Rabbit Flower to their mother in times to heal her.

Created characters and ran the adventure in about 2 and a half hours with another 15 minutes of post playtest critique.

Damn but I'm looking forward to more Bunnies & Burrows.

Bundle of Holding - Colonial Gothic (18th Century Colonial Horror)

Colonial Gothic is one of those games that I've picked up occasional pieces of over the years because of my love of history and the twist that Colonial Gothic gives to it. An opportunity to pick up over a dozen books for it for about 20 bucks is simply a no brainer.

The way I see it, you don't even need to use the system behind the books to enjoy the books (I probably won't) but I could see myself hacking Swords & Wizardry Light to run something like this.

Damn these useful Bundles of Holding!

This one has a short window - just over 2 days left.
Hero! The Founders bring you the Colonial Gothic Bundle, featuring the new Third Edition of the supernatural flintlock-horror tabletop roleplaying game Colonial Gothic from Rogue Games. Uncover the secret history of America's 18th-Century frontier, where monsters stalk the woods and ghosts haunt every sleepy hollow. This bargain-priced offer brings you almost the entire Colonial Gothic line -- everything you need for a complete campaign of magic and mayhem in the shadows of early America. 
For just US$8.95 you get all six titles in our Starter Collection (retail value $40) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks, including the complete Colonial Gothic Third Edition rulebook (retail price $10), three essential supplements (Gamemaster, Adventure, and The Player Companion, total retail $21), and the 174-page Beginnings adventure (retail $8) that kicks off the massive Flames of Freedom campaign that will encompass the entire American Revolution. NEW! We've just added The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (retail $1): Washington Irving's classic 1839 story of a haunting in upstate New York, plus gaming notes adapting it to Colonial Gothic. 
And if you pay more than the threshold price of $20.59, you'll level up and also get our entire Bonus Collection with almost every book in the Colonial Gothic line -- ten more supplements worth an additional $70: 
Three sourcebooks: The Grimoire (retail $6), Gazetteer (retail $7), and Bestiary (retail $7). 
Three setting books: Settings (retail $8), New France (retail $7 -- previously presented in our August 2013 Bundle of the Ages), and The French & Indian War (retail $8). 
Lovecraft (retail $7): Bring the Cthulhu Mythos onto the American frontier. 
The Templars (retail $5 -- also from our August 2013 Ages offer): Colonial Gothic's secret history of history's most secretive bunch. 
NEW! The Defeated Dead (retail $8): A ghost story of vengeful soldiers at the site of the US Army's greatest defeat. 
NEWER! The Landlord's Daughter (retail $7): Secret societies, pirates, betrayal, witchcraft, and a mysterious illness in Marblehead, Massachusetts.
Note, although OneBookShelf delivers copies of these PDFs, I do not make affiliate monies from these sales. I bring offers like this to your attention because I think they are amazing deals and I'd hate for my readers to miss out on them. You can always buy me a beer later ;)

Saturday, July 15, 2017

TSR Era POD - B1 - In Search of the Unknown

I've been lax at keeping up with the lasted Print on Demand (POD) releases from the TSR era. Well, today I'm trying to do some catching up.

The latest POD release of TSR goodness is B1 - In Search of the Unknown. After the Dungeon Geomorphs and before B2, B1 was the adventure you found in your D&D Basic Set.

Pricing is $4.99 for the PDF, $7.99 for the Print and $9.99 for the PDF plus Print.
"In Search of the Unknown," forms a complete adventure for use with Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set. It is especially designed as an instructional aid for beginning Dungeon Masters and players, specifically created to enable new Dungeon Masters to initiate play with a minimum of preparation.  
In addition to descriptive and situational material, this module also includes special informational sections giving background history and legends; listings of possible monsters and treasures, and how to place them; a list of adventuring characters; tips on various aspects of play for the Dungeon Master; and helpful advice for starting players.
Remember, all purchases made with The Tavern's affiliate links helps fund The Tavern. Its also good for karma and cures warts and arthritis. These statements have NOT been approved by the FDA.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Bundle of Holding - CityBooks - Grimtooth's Traps - Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes (Flying Buffalo)

There is currently a Flying Buffalo / Catalyst bundle at Bundle of Holding and its a good one.

For 7.95 you get CityBooks I, II, III - Treasure Vault and Grimtooth's Traps 1 and 2. That is quite simply an amazing value for the old school resources you get.

Up your buy in to about 20 bucks, and you add in CityBooks IV, V, VI, VII - Grimtooth's Traps 3 and 4 - and the real gem IMHO, Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes (it includes the Adventure of the Jade Jaguar solo adventure)

20 bucks for seven CityBooks, four Grimtooth's Traps, Treasure Vault and MS&PE? You simply can't beat the value. Less than 2 bucks a book.

Note, although OneBookShelf delivers copies of these PDFs, I do not make affiliate monies from these sales. I bring offers like this to your attention because I think they are amazing deals and I'd hate for my readers to miss out on them. You can always buy me a beer later ;)

Back to Basix Issue #1 - Now Trending as #2 Hottest Small Press at RPGNow - (B/X BECMI)

Thom Wilson / Throwi Games has released their OSR / B/X / BECMI fanzine, Back to Basix Issue #1 in PDF.

I have B2B in print, as it released at NTRPG Con and Thom was nice enough to hook me up and it is very nice. Popular demand convinced Thom to release it in PDF (as the print run was limited) and it is available for $1.50. Back to Basix is currently sitting at #2 on the Hottest Small Press sellers at RPGNow.

So, what's inside?

This fanzine celebrates, highlights and supports one of the original roleplaying game systems of the 1980's, the Basic and Expert editions of Dungeons & Dragons.  Each issue will provide or highlight content within the Holmes, Moldvay, Cook and Mentzer edited rules from TSR's Gary Gygax.  
Issue contains:  Product Spotlight, Spell Review, New Magic Items, New Monster, Short Encounter, Full page comic "Dungeon Delvers", and interview with Merle Rasmussen (of Top Secret fame).
Remember, all purchases made with The Tavern's affiliate links helps fund The Tavern. Its also good for karma and cures warts and arthritis. These statements have NOT been approved by the FDA.

New Releases for Operation White Box - Stalingrad on Fire & Tactical Combat (Bundle Available)

+Pete Spahn / Small Niche Games has two new releases for Operation White Box.

The first is Stalingrad on Fire:
STALINGRAD ON FIRE is a support mission designed for WWII: Operation WhiteBox™. Recover secret military documents, engage in house-to-house fighting with German soldiers, and take on a legendary Nazi sniper in the ruined city of Stalingrad!
Stalingrad on Fire is designed for 3-6 characters of 1st-3rd level.  
This mission is compatible with the WWII: Operation WhiteBox™ sourcebook OWB: Tactical Combat, and comes with a download file containing Stalingrad street maps and tokens to help facilitate grid and miniatures play.  
Stalingrad on Fire can be played three different ways: 
-Print the Stalingrad street map on one page and conduct combat encounters using the Theater of the Mind. This is the default style of play for WWII: Operation WhiteBox.
-Print and assemble the Stalingrad street maps for tabletop play. Print the tokens or use your own WWII miniatures to conduct combat encounters using OWB: Tactical Combat.
-Upload the Stalingrad street maps and tokens to a VTT such as Roll20 and play with friends online! 
Stalingrad on Fire is the perfect way to kick off an Eastern Front campaign. Check it out now, Comrades! (3.99 - 28 pages)
The second release is a matching piece for the first.

Tactical Fire:
OWB: Tactical Combat is a sourcebook for WWII: Operation Whitebox that offers a more tactical approach to combat encounters.  
The combat rules presented in the WWII: Operation WhiteBox core rulebook take place mainly in the “Theater of the Mind”. This means that the Referee sets the scene and decides whether or not a character is capable of a certain maneuver, action, or attack. 
The OWB: Tactical Combat rules are designed for groups who prefer a more visual representation of combat, particularly those who play online. These rules are not meant to mimic the complexity of a true wargame. Instead, the focus is on small unit actions involving a squad of enemies and/or a handful of vehicles battling it out in a single playing area—the kind of combat most commonly encountered in WWII: Operation WhiteBox.  
If you prefer using miniatures and grid-based maps, check out OWB: Tactical Combat now! (4.99 - 53 pages)
You can save 2 bucks and grab both releases as a bundle for 6.98

Remember, all purchases made with The Tavern's affiliate links helps fund The Tavern. Its also good for karma and cures warts and arthritis. These statements have NOT been approved by the FDA.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Far West Kickstarter was Six Years Old Tuesday - Launched July 11, 2011


How the fuck did I miss this anniversary? Six years. Traditionally, that's a gift of Iron in the US. All I know is that as backers all we've gotten is broken promises and lies. Shit - it almost sounds like we're in a real relationship.

Gareth has been silent for over two months now. Actually, two and a half months. The update is from May 1st of this year. April 1st may have been more appropriate.

I understand family matters and obligations. These are things one has little control over. Obviously Gareth does not have five minutes in any of his days to update his backers over the last 10 weeks.

Cropped to remove overtly political themes

But look at that! Just went to Gareth's Twitter feed. Still tweeting away. Every day. All day.

Can't spend five minutes saying "Shit's still shitty. Hoping to have something for you soon. Will update in a few weeks" or some other method of appeasing the masses. Sure, it would be a stroke job, but for 150 bucks I deserve something ;)

See, this is what REALLY irks me. Its not the lies. Its not the broken promises. It the idea that after six years the backers just don't matter.

He went to a con and did a podcast interview shortly after his last update. He tweets every day. Yet for the backers that pledged nearly $50k to bring Far West alive, all we have gotten is carnival tricks. Smoke and mirrors.

At least we have gotten a view of the real Gareth Sharka. It aint pretty but its real.

Publishers - Tomorrow is Your Last Chance to Sign up for Christmas in July Sales at OneBookShelf

I got this email last night and thought I should share it. I know I've been told in the past from other publishers that they've missed certain notifications from OBS and I'm trying to expand the bandwidth.
Dear publishers, 
This is a final reminder that our annual "Chrismas in July" sale, the biggest sitewide promotion of the year, is fast approaching. During Christmas in July, we offer many thousands of titles all at 25% off, across DriveThruRPG/RPGnow, DriveThruCards, DriveThruComics, and DriveThruFiction. 
If you would like to take part in this major promotion, please make sure to opt in using the "Opt in or out of site-wide sales" tool page 
by 10 AM (EST) this Friday, July 14, at the latest.

Scott Holden
Sales, Data, and Special Projects
OneBookShelf, Inc.
Which means for The Tavern's general readers - there's a big sale from OBS coming up soon :)

ENnies - Breaking Their Own Rules When it Comes to Judges (Disregard - I Can't do Basic Math)

edit: This is what happens when you are your own editor - 2016 to 2018 is 2 years? right? wrong, as we are only in 2017 - Yes, three of the four perennial judges are NOT running this year - I guess they decided to get a head start on the impending new rules THAT ARE NOT YET IN EFFECT. Kurt is within the rules to run this year - but not next. The three not running this year CAN run next.

So, read this post as an example of what happens when I do fuck up - I correct, retract but I do not delete. Enjoy my embarrassment. It is well deserved - Tenkar

Look at the highlighted part of the rules to apply to nominate yourself to be an ENnies judge:

So, you can't be a judge if you've been a judge for the last two years. Simple enough, right?

I guess two consecutive years is no good, but SIX consecutive years is just peachy! Please tell me how both the applicant (Kurt Weigel) and the ENnies "powers that be" just overlooked this.

Its all on the level kids. Its all on the level.

ENnies Voting Has Started - Time to Do Some "All Star" Voting - Here's The Tavern's List

Yep, its ENnies time. Time time to vote from every McDonalds or library within driving distance. Wait, that's what they do in Chicago or something.

Here's The Tavern's Picks:

Best Adventure
Blood in the Chocolate (Lamentations of the Flame Princess) - its actually a damn good adventure that your PCs might survive.

Best Aid/Accessory
Kobold Guide to Plots & Campaigns (Kobold Press) - Kobold Press - need I say more?

Best Art, Cover

Best Art, Interior
Baby Bestiary Handbook Vol 2 (Metal Weave Games) - amazing art - simply one of the best.
S. Petersen’s Field Guide to Lovecraftian Horrors (Chaosium) - also excellent

Best Blog
Gnome Stew: The Gaming Blog - To be honest, I never heard of the other four...

Best Cartography
The Cursed Chateau (Lamentations of the Flame Princess) - It is an OSR pick. We gotta represent.

Best Electronic Book
Hubris: A World of Visceral Adventure (DIY RPG Productions) - Stuffed full of inspiration. Savor the reading, as it is a five course meal and then some.

Best Family Game

Best Free Product
What, no SWL?

Best Game
Not my bag, man

Best Miniature Product

Best Monster/Adversary
S. Petersen’s Field Guide to Lovecraftian Horrors (Chaosium) - Simply on of the best. Timeless
Veins of the Earth (Lamentations of the Flame Princess) - 66 fucking Euros? Holy shit! No wonder I hadn't heard of it before.

Best Podcast
Spellburn - Excellent podcast and unscripted. Can't say the same about others

Best Production Values
Call of Cthulhu – 7th Edition Slipcase Set (Chaosium) - a beauty to behold - it does justice and more for CoC
Baby Bestiary, Collector’s Edition (Metal Weave Games) - you need to see it to believe it

Best RPG Related Product
Call of Cthulhu: The Coloring Book (Chaosium) - I haven't seen it but I can imagine.

Best Rules
Adventures in Middle-Earth Player’s Guide (Cubicle 7 Entertainment) - If I only ran 5e
Veins of the Earth (Lamentations of the Flame Princess) - How much is 66 Euros in USC?

Best Setting
Le sigh

Best Supplement
The One Ring – Horse-Lords of Rohan (Cubicle 7 Entertainments) - Well, it is Tolkien

Best Website
Nothing to say

Best Writing
Veins of the Earth (Lamentations of the Flame Princess) - $75.32. Goddamn
The One Ring – Horse-Lords of Rohan (Cubicle 7 Entertainments) - Tolkien

Product of the Year
Veins of the Earth (Lamentations of the Flame Princess) Times like this is when retirement sucks.

Voting this year will take place from July 11 to July 21.

Don't forget to vote Frog God Games as Fan Favorite Publisher. Vote early and vote often. Well, I mean, get your friends, family and pets with an intelligence of 3 or higher to vote. Don't submit multiple votes yourself. That would be wrong. Neither Frog God Games nor The Tavern advocate ballot stuffing. Heck, the Frogs have no nominations and neither does The Tavern. Don't vote. See if I care.

Grumble... Grumble... Get off my lawn ya damn kids and take your peeing dog with you!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Reminder - Tavern Chat Tonight - #ConManKen, Torchlight, Hats, Assorted Sh!t - 9 PM Eastern

Tonight is a Wednesday Night, and that means Tavern Chat.

Tonights topics may include:




Assorted Shit

When: 9 PM Eastern

Where: Here - ChatWing Box on the right side

Why: Because its fun as shit

#ConManKen - Mad Ox Games & Comics is Closing Its Doors July 30th - Time for Another Gig for Ken

Mad Ox Games & Comics is closing its doors for good July 30th. #ConManKen's record of success (or lack there of) is maintained. The universe can now let out its held breath. All is right in the world of Ken.

Why would anyone want to buy a stocked Games & Comics store for $20k that is abruptly closing? I'd want to know why the abrupt closing before putting my money down.

I'm guessing the above has something to do with the store closing. Both postings were from last night.

Damn, Ken is always the victim. Now Marcus is closing the store he's been faithfully managing right out from under him.

Poo Poo Face - AKA Erik Tenkar reporting from the interwebs...