Sunday, December 31, 2017

A Look at The Tavern's 2017 Predictions from the Scrying Pool with Privy Runnoff

Yep, its time to look back at the predictions made on December 31, 2016 for 2017. This should be interesting.

Yep. Last day of 2016. Time to wake up the Grumpy Dwarf and lead him to the Tavern's Scrying Pool, complete with runnoff from the privy.

Grumpy Dwarf here. I don't give a Rat on a Stick's Ass how accurate my predictions were for 2016. 2017 is right around the corner and its time for predictions!

1 - Far West WILL NOT RELEASE IN 2017! It will not release in a box. It will not release on a dock. It will not redeem a career. It will not do anything I fear - The Grumpy Seuss - Well, this was a ground ball - fuck, we dont even have an update since may 2017

2 - Con Man Ken will move YET AGAIN! You read it here first. The man has had more addresses than a Hunt's Point Hooker has tricks on New Year's Eve (and at least the hooker will give you what you paid for) - Ken is - allegedly - living in the stock room of "his" comic book store. 

3 - The Gygax Memorial Fund won't look any different than 2016. or 2015. No bricks will be sold, no groundwork will be laid, no call to arms and no audit. Why fix something that's broken? - Apparently, no audit will be done and 2016 tax returns won't be posted either - ah, you've gotta love ground balls

4 - There will be no further Holiday purges at WotC. There is no staff left to purge. - Bingo!

5 - The Greyhawk Setting will be resurrected. Joe the Janitor will have it added to his portfolio of responsibilities at WotC. - Give it time...

6 - Swords & Wizardry Light will spawn other pared down rulesets in the OSR. Light Labyrinth Lord (LLL), Mini OSRIC (MOSRIC), Tiny Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea (TASSH) are just a few examples. - Well, it did influence the DCC RPQ Quickstart. Never saw that coming.

7 - Frog God Games will absorb Kobold Press. The first release of the expanded company will be a 550 page Pathfinder release, 500 page D&D 5e release, 350 page Swords & Wizardry release of the mega-dungeon Klomoring Kobolds of Doom for levels 1 to 12. The Pathfinder version will be rated IIIA by the NIJ when worn in a backpack, the 5e version IIA and the S&W version I. - Heh - not absorbed, but certainly siblings of sorts these days, going as far to "share" a Humble Bundle

8 - Starfinder will release from Paizo. Grogs will be disappointed that your character can't die during character generation. They will be further disappointed when they find their characters can't die during play. - It certainly released to less excitement and more falling apart core books than expected.

9 - Fake News will find its way into the RPG field with the announcement of completed Kickstarter Projects that faded away. The first such will be Quantum soon followed by anything still owed by Nystul. - Sigh - Kickstarters

10 - The Tavern will appear in one version or another in many different mediums. Er, wait, this is already happening... We added a Discord Server :)

Actually, we did pretty well considering many of these predictions were made - at least in part - in jest. I'll put up the 2018 list later today.

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