Monday, January 1, 2018

Far West - Six Years Late and Still Not Done - Seven Months of Silence from Gareth (but not on Twitter)

Can you believe it? Six years have passed since Gareth's completion date for Far West. Six fucking years. I wish I had spent my $150 on something more useful, like a toilet paper / sand paper combo Kickstarter or some such.

Last Update from "an Icon in the RPG Industry?"

Weeks, months, years - really, what does it all mean when you tweet every day (and multiple tweets at that) but don't even attempt to live up to your financial obligations? Get your head out of the sand and man up Gareth!

Yeah, this is NOT the man I'd ever want to do business with in the future.

Now, about that pre-ordered Buckaroo Bonzai RPG I heard about...


  1. I simply do not comprehend this guy's unprofessionalism and lack of concern. He rants all day on Twitter about things he will not and can not change vice getting shit done. I'm a Kickstarter creator and I'm posed to delivery early! I didn't start the Kickstarter until the project was 75% done. This is outrageous. He needs to be taken to task.

  2. It's campaigns like this that put me off pledging to Kickstarters in general. People who fail to deliver, deliver late or deliver wrong don't do any favours for Kickstarter creators or their campaigns if people are burned even once.

    1. There are a handful of pisspoor kickstarters that get tossed around as what NOT to do when you do a kickstarter for an RPG. Out of the 200+ KS I've backed only 4 have failed to come to fruition. That 2% is a pretty good ratio considering KS is an investment and not an actual purchase.

    2. That's a good ratio - I should be more positive about it but it seems that when I think of investing there's an issue, and when these blow they blow big.


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