Saturday, January 6, 2018

Swords & Wizardry Super Bundle - Over $300 in S&W PDFs for $25 ($5 and $13 bundles too)

Wow. So yeah, the 5e Humble Bundle was very nice but the Swords & Wizardry Super Bundle from the Frogs is damn sweet too. I do think I already own it all in print and PDF though ;)

Here's what you get for 5 bucks ($106 retail) Tier 1:

Quests of Doom 1 - retail $30.00
The Borderlands Provinces - retail $14.00
Tome of Horrors 4 - retail $17.00
The Mother of All Encounter Tables - retail $20.00
Rogues of Remballo - retail $5.00
Adventures in the Borderlands -$17.00

At 13 bucks you get to add (another $65 retail) Tier 2:

Monstrosities - retail $25.00
Quests of Doom 3 - retail $15.00
The Borderland Provinces Gazetteer - $5.00
The Borderland Provinces Players Guide - $5.00
The Borderland Provinces Journey Generator - $5.00
Strange Bedfellows - $10.00

25 bucks adds the rest (another $142 retail) Tier 3:

Digital Maps - retail $20.00
Hex Crawl Chronicles Volumes 1-7 - retail $35.00
Chuck's Dragons - retail $15.00
Swords and Wizardry Card Decks - retail $42.00
Tome of Horrors Complete - retail $30.00

If nothing else, 5 bucks gives you years of material for your Swords & Wizardry Campaign. Its also a very low cost buy in for the Lost Lands setting. 2018 will be a big year for the Lost Lands from what I hear.

Yes, I swim in the Frog's pond these days. Doesn't make this deal any less of a deal. Look at it this way - you could get Tome of Horrors Complete at a 5 buck discount and consider all of the rest a gift with purchase ;)


  1. You wouldn't happen to know what is in the digital maps?

  2. I would happen to know - bought the whole thing recently, thanks to this post.

    The maps included are:
    - Akados Region Map
    - Borderland Provinces Poster Map
    - Bard's Gate City Map

    I expect that the bundle also includes the Sinnar Coast map, but I got that one with a previous order, so the file was already in my account.

    The bundle is an excellent offer, and I recommend getting the whole thing.


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