Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Tenkar's Tavern 2018 Predictions From the Privy Scrying Pool

Last day of 2017. Time to wake up the Grumpy Dwarf from his winter nap and lead him to the Tavern's Scrying Pool, complete with runoff from the privy. Ignore the floating feces please...

Look yass lazy bastitches - I know the first two are the same as last year - doesn't mean they wont come true yet again - Grumpy

1 - Far West WILL NOT RELEASE IN 2018! It will not release in a box. It will not release on a dock. It will not redeem a career. It will not do anything I fear. No, Far West is something I no longer held dear - The Grumpy Seuss 

2 - The Gygax Memorial Fund won't look any different than 2017. or 2016. or 2015. No bricks will be sold, no groundwork will be laid, no call to arms and no audit. Why fix something that's broken? 

3 - Paizo will find that the Pathfinder money cow is running dry and that the Starfinder money cow was not as large as hoped. Prepare for SuperFinder and GangFinder, their Supers and Gangbusters attempts to kill a dead horse.

4 - Steve Jackson Games will announce the GURPS SciFi Boxed Set Kickstarter for early 2019. Unlike Paizo's StarFinder, it will actually, honest to God be Sci-Fi.

5 - Frog God Games will announce a new megadungeon - Rats in the Athuk. It will ship with counters for 2,000 coppers.

6 - Goodman Games and Steve Jackson Games will jointly publish the Dungeon Crawl Classics Munchkin Card Game. The cards will be cut for three, seven and fourteen corners.

7 - The Tavern will livestream the writing of each blog post. This will be followed by tears of blood from viewers.

8 - ConMan Ken will NOT enjoy 2018 and doctors STILL won't be able to diagnose CTE on a living subject. Self diagnosis STILL won't be valid.

9 - You know that "big" announcement about the Transformers Guy and the Gygax IP from 2016? It will still be just a story in 2018.

10- Your Bartender will have a busy year in 2018. Busy but content. Oh, and beer.


  1. 1 and 2 are gimmies.

    3 is likely. Pathfinder will become Munchkin without the humor.

    4 will happen if the last boxed set has sufficient sales.

  2. #3 - They better not sully the name of Gangbusters

  3. I do wonder how long the pathfinder train will run.

  4. "5 - Frog God Games will announce a new megadungeon - Rats in the Athuk. It will ship with counters for 2,000 coppers."

    Constable, you have a mean streak indeed. Or do you know something: Is Maliszewski coming out of hiding with a new project? Restarting the Grognardia blog: "I never played Dwimmermount... but I remember why. because I never finished it... send me the books and maps, but only if they are in nice condition. Autarch games never sent me a comp copy." The bastards!


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