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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Tomorrow - Matt Finch & Zach Glazar - Livestream - 4 Eastern, 3 Central - 2018: Year of the OSR

Giving a quick heads up on this as I suspect there will be a number of announcements included - perhaps even about Old School Gamer Radio. You know - the Kickstarter. Can't wait for my hat :)

+Matt Finch and +Zach Glazar will be doing a livestream on Youtube tomorrow starting at 4 PM Eastern / 3 PM Central about upcoming plans and projects for next year. They are calling it 2018: Year of the OSR.

I plan to watch it live an abuse both via live chat. Why don't you join me? ;)

I'll do a followup post tomorrow afternoon complete with link to the livestream the moment I get the link but I wanted to make sure folks knew to look for it.

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