Friday, January 5, 2018

State of The Tavern - Snow, Emails, Videos and More

The Tavern was hit with about 12" of snow yesterday, not including drifting snow with the high winds for the storm that wasn't officially a blizzard. The side of the street I'm parked on is the side the plows pushed the snow. With single digit temps in the forecast, I don't expect to dig my car out until the first half of next week. I owe a physical copy the Midderlands from OSR Christmas - at best it will ship Wednesday, maybe later in the week. I don't fair well in sub zero wind chills. Call me a sissy :)

I am almost caught up on emails from OSR Christmas but not fully. Yesterday was lost to snow and shoveling (and sleeping until 1135 AM this morning due to - shoveling) My niece is off from school and is here - and staying the night. Hopefully emails are caught up tonight after she goes to bed. I'm working on this post in the midst of "uncleing" ;)

There are plans to kick off a fairly regular video series. There are certain releases - +Rob Conley 's CSIO maps is a perfect example - that really need more than just a text post to do them justice. I'm hoping to kick that off this weekend. Lets see if "Pinky" cooperates.

I've got plans for The Tavern in 2018 and more video posting is just a small part of that. I'd like to get an active series of guest posters (each once a week or so) and things are in the works but there is no time frame to kick it off. When its ready, its ready.

Alright. Back to uncleing. Duty calls...

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  1. Appreciate it Erik and good luck with the snow. We are getting a lot but not as bad as Erie, PA to the north.


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