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Thursday, June 5, 2014

New Big Dragon Is at the NTRPG Con

I never realized how much quality stuff +Richard LeBlanc had put out for old School Gaming under his New Big Dragon label until I actually looked at it all at his table. The fact that I had a majority of it in print already struck me, as I tend to go heavy on the PDFs these days.

Rich had a prototype of a B/X DM's screen that literally rocks. If and when he puts it up for sale I'm buying. I'll try to get a pic of it for a later blog post.

Posting this under the influence of Commotion American Pale Ale, courtesy of +James Aulds . Might need to pop open another, as I need more beer influence.

Dinner in a few, and the a game of Timemaster run by +Tim Snider .

Fun times, and it's been great meeting folks face to face that I've known online for years.

I'll try to have a review of The Dragon Horde #2 up on Monday, when it releases on RPGNow


  1. Sounds great Erik. And while you're at it, pick me up a couple copies of those puppies.

  2. Attack of the Alliterative Author!
    Looks good!

  3. I can't seem to find any of those zines on his webstore. Uggh.

    Are they available only at the con? Wish I knew somebody there.


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