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Friday, June 6, 2014

From the Con - The One Who Watches - Original Pencils and Color Print - (Doug Kovacs)


Good art.

There is little like it.

+Doug Kovacs does some damn good art.

Above are the the original pencils and the print of the final color version of Doug Kovac's cover to The One Who Watches.

I'm simply in awe of the work this man does. I'm proud and thrilled to have picked this set up.

Rachel and I bought some other prints as well as placed a down payment on an unfinished piece that Rachel simply fell for. More pics later.

See, I can buy 99% of my gaming goodies online, but art I need to see in person.

NTRPG Con is full of damn good art.


  1. Damn good art? This is the best cover of any DCC RPG module yet released.

  2. We have been beefing up the art portion of our con the last few years. Kovacs is a frikken genius.

  3. ....just saw this post....thanks everyone


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