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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kickstarter Updates & Highlights - It Must Be Fate

The FATE Core Kickstarter is currently sitting at $347K+ with 3 days to go. Even if you aren't a huge FATE fan, the $10 backer level gives you the core rules and all the expansions funded via the Kickstarter in electronic format. $15 gives you the Core rules in softcover and all the expansions in electronic format. Look at the page over at Kickstarter, its a crapload ;)

Dwimmermount's latest update (#43) wasn't a backers only one, so you may want to check it out. Tavis has opened a Community for Dwimmermount over on G+ - "Mages of the Mountain". I expect it will be a busy place and a nice hub of information once it gathers some momentum. 59 members already and it only went live last night - not bad at all. Might have some more Dwimermount stuff to announce in the next few days.

From the Creature & Encounter
RPG Card Decks Kickstarter
Tavern Cards are over halfway to goal with 17 days left to raise funds. You know you want a set (or three ;)

Creature & Encounter RPG Card Decks is on pace to fund (8.3k out of 9.5k with 7 days to go) I'm in it for the Stock Art. Yep, I have some long term plans that these pieces will fit well into. The different decks rock too, but I want the art!

Adventurer's Guide Core Book for Shroud of the Ancients RPG has an issue getting their backers funding from Amazon. I feel like a fly on the wall, as I was just in it for a buck Interesting RPG but not one I expect I would get a chance to play. This is a new delay for me to see.

Alright - heading out to the Brooklyn Strat in about 3 hours for the unboxing of the new Gygax Magazine. I'll try to remember to wear my Jets Cap, just so Istand out a bit :)


  1. Also, Deluxe T&T just passed the $75k stretch goal and there is now a survey where we can suggest what the next goals will be:


  2. ICONS Great Power Kickstarter also had an issue with Amazon processing payments. It took about a week for them to process payments after the campaign ended

  3. I was just going to comment that ICONS Great Power had a six-day delay - but someone beat me to it. :-)

    I know that Amazon scrambles when something goes wrong like this and it's called to their attention. It is, after all, their reputation on the line.

  4. A point of clarification: the $15 pledge level is not for the FATE Core rules in softcover, but for the softcover FATE Accelerated Edition, which sounds to me like, hm, something of a hybrid of a quickstart and a player's guide, but not quite either of those. To get the main FATE Core in hardcover is the $30 level (there isn't currently an option for the Core rules in softcover).


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