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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Plotting Out The System Arcs - Dabbling in Different Systems

If all goes well, my copy of ACKS should be shipping sometime this week, so the ACKS G+ campaign should kick off around the end of the month or early april.

In addition to the regular ACKS campaign, my intention is to run a series of Game Arcs - 2 to 3 sessions that would complete a small campaign or story arc using different system or settings. One arc may Be Hollow Earth Expedition for a few sessions, followed by Solomon Kane (Savage Worlds) a few weeks later for a few sessions, followed by Dungeon Crawl Classic RPG - you get the idea.

This will probably start about a month after the ACKS campaign starts.

Tentatively, I'm looking to follow the initial rotation mentioned above:

Solomon Kane
Deadlands: Reloaded

So, if I run a game a month, that covers 5 months of gaming, as I'll run 2 to 3 sessions, then skip 2 weeks before moving on to the next game in rotation.

Of course, this schedule can go all to pot if the HEX game is a hit... or any one of them I guess.

In any case, should be a blast

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