Sunday, April 10, 2016

StarSlinger Saturday - Three Planets, Three Rival Governments, One Pot to Actively Stir

Before I wrap up today's StarSlinger Saturday, I'd like to go a little bit further with the currently unnamed three core worlds from the last post.

-The first world will be a combination a direct democracy. All citizens of the core world get to vote electronically on most major policy decisions. There is an entrenched administrative class that actually does the day to day running of the government, and they are less beholden to the voting citizenship than would appear on the surface. Colonists can vote on issues that effect their colony but not the core world (core votes on all issues), but in reality the administrators run the colonies as they see fit while paying lip service to the citizens.

-The second world is a monarchy with minimal representative democracy at the local level. Regional governors are elected by citizens from a list of candidates approved by the monarch. Much of the military swears allegiance to the monarch but some units of the military and much of the colonial forces swear allegiance to a local lord who in turn swears allegiance to the monarchy. Wheels within wheels play out at times.

-The third world is a theocracy. This is where the Star Crusaders come from. What the Church is on it's surface and what it is behind the closed doors of The Sanctuary are quite possibly two different things. The Church has one goal, or more precisely, one visible goal - to expand the faith. If that can be done within the confines of another world's jurisdiction without conflict, so be it. If there is conflict, so be it.

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