Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Update - Time Sensitive Troll Lord Games Sale - Ends at 10 AM Eastern, Wed April 13, 2016 - The Tavern Has Four Bargain Picks for You

I don't normally do double posts, but apparently for the Trolls, a 24 hour sale lasts 48 hours. As I post this there is currently a hair of 18 hours left in the sale. What follows are my picks. There are many like them, but these picks are mine (original post and comments are here):

I almost missed this email from yesterday, so I'm going to be quick (BTW, the link in the email does NOT go directly to the Trolls sale at RPGNow - no idea why)

Most of the sale prices are... pretty crappy, especially if you snagged anything from the Trolls 99 cent print and PDF sales from last week. There are, however, three bargains one should not pass up on, regardless of system of preference.

Tomb of the Unclean - $1.99 - A nice selection of demons and devils. It looks like the project will never complete (as it hasn't updated in six months or so) but for $1.99 it's worth what's there and if there is more coming? even better.

Lost City of Gaxmoor - $1.99 - A 120 page adventure to take your party from newbs to level 10. See the names on the tin?

Town of Kalas - $1.99 - 80 page urban sandbox. Well worth the money, it's a bargain and a half.

Free City of Eskadia - $1.99 - 130+ page urban sandbox. grab it!

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  1. Thanks for the excellent heads up! I was just thinking 'Hmm, would be great to read through a city supplement for some ideas..' I think I should have wished for something else! ;)


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