Sunday, April 10, 2016

A WTF Were They Smoking?!? Kickstarter - Phoenix Legacy: Core Rules

One of the Taverners (yep, that's the name we're going with for The Tavern's army of investigators) brought the Phoenix Legacy: Core Rules to my attention. He also said "watch the video"

So, let me say unto you - watch the fucking video. Well, at least listen. You too will be in fear of the Woofman! (thanks to my wife for catching this and making me play that part back a half dozen times)

Rach: "He wants $5,000 for this bullshit and he couldnt pay some schlub off the street to do a better voiceover?"

Yes, it is that painful. The fact that the last 90 seconds of the video is scrolling credits is simply icing on the cake.

Below is the entire project, with the exception of the $80 level (I'll add that below)

Here, let's go point by point.:

1 - This sounds like they need someone to actually write the rules

2 - Uhm, try OneBookShelf. And edit your shit.

3 - Something tells be this is never going to happen.

4 - Isn't this much like #1? Again, edit your shit.

5 - Edit your... never mind. I'm tired

6 - Yeah, whatever.

As for the Risks and Challenges:

2% to 3% of the RPG Market in the first six months? 3% to 5% in 18 months? WTF is he smoking!?! There isnt even a physical product being offered.

WTF does this mean? Edit your FUCKING SHIT
Do you even get a PDF copy?


  1. Wow. Just wow. Comes off like a piss-take skit from the show 'Portlandia'.

  2. Oh my god, he's using a bath sheet as a backdrop? Seriously, lots of "hype" no explanations of anything. Further, it looks like you aren't really "pledging" so much as purchasing their PDF so they can raise money to do a print run and sell them... Weird.

  3. "0 Backed" is always a great way to show off your dedication, enthusiasm, and drive for a project.

  4. Erik, I swear by Boccob, the next time you make me watch something like this . . . you're going to owe me money!


    Absolutely . . . no way.

  5. What the f....

    Why is it everybody and their dog feels the need to write a RPG system? I know that might be hypocritical since I helped write (more like edit, really) a simple d2 system, but dayum!

    "a classless and level-less 2d12 based system built around the sole idea of choice..."

    Um....if it is built "around the sole idea of choice", why do you need 2d12?

    My brain hurts....but not so much as my eyes and ears...

  6. The pain was just too much. Couldn't even make it thru the video.

  7. "....AND FEEEEEEED!!"

    That's where I lost it. Of course, I had to watch the rest of the train wreck.

    Oh, and I'm pretty sure that, in addition to "Woofman" he said, "Druckula."

  8. I don't know what you're all talking about. That is Kickstarter gold.

  9. I am crying.
    WHY oh WHY I lost my time studying the ins and outs of Kickstarters, trying to understand how best build a project... When I could have trusted all to these GENIUSES of marketing?

  10. wow, this guy is pretty delusional and that video was horrible...

  11. I'm not certain that what he is proposing qualifies for a kickstarter as it says he is selling the "current version" of the game. There is nothing here about creating anything new, other than a poster. It also says that it will all be shipped in May 2016, that's only a month away. Hardly enough time to layout and get published new rules...

  12. I wonder if they know that there are already two or three companies with Green Dragon Publishing in their name. And their company name only pops up under Kickstarter.

  13. OMG that was painful! I have never seen such horrible use of art, live action, and ..... arg! I cannot unsee this. I loved the gamers sitting around the table, it did nothing to boost interest. Hell if I was going to film gamers around the table I would at least hire actors and make it look a bit cleaner. Is he really going to call the GM, "The Bard"? I get guess the game does allow you to play in advanced settings. such as Steampunk".

  14. their face book page contains the original videos that were better


  15. On a less hilarious note, I love how he acts like a classless, point-based chargen system is a new, innovative thing.


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