Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Common Room "Pick of the Day" Starts Tomorrow

So, last night I was shooting the shit with someone who is well known for their good ideas and successful projects in our corner of the universe and they mentioned "The Common Room is a great idea! You should really highlight those that are listed - you know, publishers, bloggers, podcasters, artists and the like."

It was such a good and obvious idea. Sometimes you need someone to look in from the outside ;)

So, here's the current game plan:

- One "pick" post each day

- Three publishers, three blogs and one "other" (podcast, artist, etc) highlighted each week.

- If you are a publisher, blogger, podcaster, etc and you have a special event coming up (sale, special post, special podcast, whatever) reach out to me at tenkarsDOTtavern at that gmail thing with the subject "The Common Room" and we'll try and schedule the post to match up with your event. That IS the purpose of The Common Room - getting the movers and shakers of the OSR more eyes on target (I was going to say "exposure" but with the current events traveling through the world of gaming, it just seems like a wrong choice of word ;)

With current number of participants listed at The Common Room, we're looking at about 12 weeks just to get through everybody. As the list grows organically, I'm expecting it to be even longer before we get back to the beginning.

We're going to kick this off tomorrow. Why on a Friday? Why the hell not ;)


  1. Who ever thought of that was probably as handsome as he is humble...

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