Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday Morning Kickstarter Update - S'rulyan rises like a Phoenix, but Pencils of Doom await in the Keep

One thing I'm guilty of is highlighting Kickstarters, good or bad, and then never returning them to the spotlight, which I think is a shame. Most of the good ones deserve a second look and some of the bad ones certainly have more sacrifices to make to the community on our behalf. The Monday Morning Kickstarter Update is a weekly feature (although the title itself is subject to change).

Without further ado...

The S'rulyan Vault (Fantasy Map) - let's keep it simple: there's a single level to support at (5
bucks), it comes in one format (PDF) and what we have so far looks excellent. This should be on time or damn well near to and in truth, you can't beat the price.

Phoenix Legacy: Core Rules - I'm going to keep this even simpler. Beware the Woofman!

The Dungeons Keep, Wood Dice Cases for RPG tabletop gaming! - this one funded and just collected pledges. We'll have an update when we receive our wooden dice case. Hopefully it looks as good in person as it did in the pics.

Quests of Doom 3 - Adventures Worth Winning for 5E and S&W! - funded with 6 days to go. Frog God hardcover game book for 32 bucks?

WHAT!? Pencil Dice - not funded with 6 days to go. Maybe a joke just isnt enough to build a Kickstarter on?

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