Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Path of Legends Podcast Episode #3 is Now Live for Your Listening Pleasure

What can I say about episode #3 of the Path of Legends Podcast? We (your hosts) were having a blast. It was a helluva lot of fun to record.

Of course, Danke the Dachshund makes an appearance. One day she'll be quiet ;)

Here's the details:

In this very episode, you will get the following:

In the Adventure Path we chat about Advantage/Disadvantage vs d6 method used by the D&D creator Gary Gygax as we explore both and decide which one would work out the best for your games in our eyes!

In Monster Hunters we talk about a staple creature in D&D games, the Orc, as we compare how much more deadlier the Orc has become since 1st Edition.

In What is old, Now is new, we chat about magical weapons from the old, something that seems to be missing from 5e.

In Presto's Hat we go over a web resource called The DM's Binder.

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