Saturday, April 16, 2016

Ken Whitman - Video - I'm a 90 Percenter, Yes I Am

Ken - KotDT and Spinward Traveller are "90% done" - sure, that last 10% is probably 90% of the work

Ken - "Jolly and Mark asked me to take 5 minutes out of my time..." -  Actually, less than half of that

Ken - "Tried to make everything at 1/10 what a professional would charge" -  So, I'm short 90% and Kickstarter won't let me start new projects,

Ken - "When we ran out of money I had to get a day job" - I'm guessing this is AFTER the monies from the various Pencil Dice projects ran out. Yeah, day jobs are rough. 90% of us work them. (Ken killed the ability to watch from anywhere aside from YouTube - here's the direct link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1x1gezv3OVQ&feature=youtu.be)

Ken - "I'm 90% done and still working on this" - I'm a 90 percenter, yes I am.

Ken - "When it gets out, and it will get out" - by my hand or that of my grandchildren.

Ken - "My plan is to give Mark materials, somewhere in the summer time" - which summer? damned if I know. does the Lovin' Spoonfull know?

Ken - "Its not over until I give up" - as long as there are more monies to squeeze from this shit, it ain't over...

I doubt Mark and Jolly are giving Kenny ANY more funds at this point. Interesting that there is no promise as to when episodes 2 and 3 of KotDT LAS are to be released. Could the rumors that the footage was irrevocably lost be true? Only Kenny knows and he ain't tellin'.

Stay tuned for more on your favorite Kickstarter network... ;)

edit: I've had 5 people send me the link to Ken's video - Long Live The Taverners!


  1. Summer time? I thought all that shit was done?


  2. Oh, Kenny. Where have we heard this before?

    3/12, 3:37am
    Sufflatus Lorem

    Tell your backers what you're telling me!

    3/12, 3:37am
    Ken Whitman

    No, because I have the KODT footage done

    I am a few weeks away from having Traveller done
    Another 'it'll be done soon' promise from Ken Whitman.

    Also, didn't Kenny say that he couldn't talk about this because his 'sekret bakursz' told him not to?

    3/12, 5:03am
    Ken Whitman

    Because I have been councels not to post IF i want their help

    Sorry, kenny. You burn't amy possibility of getting people's sympathy a long,. long time ago. This is your dishwashing liquid - you soak in it.

    Also - it's been over 30 days, and not a word from Kenny about suing me.

    What? Kenny hasn't followed up on his threats/promises?

    Imagine that.

  3. That was video was quite the poor acting job, with interesting name drops. The simulated contrition doesn't fly in the face of the numerous examples of psycho-anger Ken shows in private messages. My guess is that this is an attempt to placate Marc Miller and to mitigate Marc becoming involved in the three separate State's Attorney cases that have landed on Ken's doorstep in Atlanta.

  4. Some would say that the "tell" of shaking one's head in the negative when making a statement, is a sign of a lie.
    Count how many times he does that in the first 42 seconds....


  5. "There. That oughtta hold the little shitstains for a while. Time to disappear again."

  6. This is possibly a lame attempt at responding to Louis Desy's "30 Day Demand Letter," posted and e-mailed across the web (copy here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/d20e/kodt-live-action-series/comments?cursor=13020800#comment-13020799 ). Time will tell, but my money is on Louis and others who are taking legal steps to get this fiasco into court. I doubt that Ken/Whit has any idea of the shitstorm that is brewing just over the horizon. He seems like the type who "moves on" when the heat turns up, rather than appear in court to defend himself. He is likely convinced that no matter what he says he will be on the losing end of any court hearing. It is also interesting that this is posted under the "Atlanta Actor's Coop" YouTube account, when by all appearances the AAC is defunct. Maybe that was as close to the mark as the e-mails from Louis got, and it got not only Ken's attention but others as well. And so it goes...

  7. Ken is the single reason I don't Kickstarter any projects. I backed two, they both funded, they both were completed and recieved. After that, I'm not doing any more. =(

  8. What about all the studios looking at the Traveller footage. Getting things set up for June.
    Didn't watch still same excuse from 93.

  9. This is a far more appropriate version of Mungo Jerry's In the Summertime:


  10. I notice his video doesn't allow for . . . feed back. LOL

  11. Kenny bitched that people were posting about his Kickstarter failures/frauds on 'unrelated' pages - specifically his AAC/AAM pages. He then uses his AAC youtube page to post about his Kickstarter failures/frauds.

    So...this means that it is okay to post about his Kickstarter failures/frauds on those pages? Nice to know that, Kenny boy.

    Of course comments are disallowed. If you contact Ken on any social media site and ask for any update about his Kickstarters, he will block you - even if you are as sweetness-and-light and nice and kind as my late grandmother.

    In other words - he's an ass, and this is another of his "gosh, darnit...I'm just a big, well-meaning goofball that done got himself in too deep...Really, I'll make it better" speeches.

    I've seen it work with many people before. Time and time again, to my continuing horror. This is his standard operating procedure. I haven't trusted a word out of his mouth since the moment I figured out who he really was those many years ago.

    He can't hide behind his 'well-meaning goofball' act anymore.

  12. He has one of those faces that begs to be punched.

  13. Not that I am surprised, but the YouTube comments are turned off.


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