Friday, March 25, 2016

Kickstarter - WHAT!? Pencil Dice

Remember the Ken Whitman Kickstarter trend - Pencil Dice? When he needed more cash to fund his various activities he'd crank a new Pencil Dice Project out much like a sexually frustrated teen. Shit, bad imagery there.

In any case, like everything else Ken put's his hands on there was little intention to actually bring the Pencil Dice projects to fruition. The money from the dice projects went to fund his filming projects (Ken said so himself)

This is not those Pencil Dice. This is Pencil Dice. Whereas Ken had pencils pretending to be dice, this project is dice decorated with pencil images.

Lame? Perhaps.

Watch the video.

It's worth it and it's totally a joke that deserves to fund. The Tavern is backing for a full set of 5 Pencil Dice.


Because this project will complete before anything Ken has on his plate.


  1. Vulcans coming to earth to meet us humans will happen before any of Ken's Kickstarters get fulfilled.

  2. Cosmo Joe (Andy) is a great guy and this is a great joke - even though he fully intends to deliver the dice. I was fortunate to be there when the idea came to him at Gary Con a few weeks ago. So glad he followed through and it wasn't just one of those things people say at cons and quickly forget. I DO need that t-shirt.

  3. Yeah, this is a joke project... But I have no doubt you'll get a bunch of dice with pencil pips in a timely manner should it fund.

  4. Heck if this project was done to mock KW, count me in. Since I will never see the Pencil Dice I pledged for (along with other KW scams), I will take these and smile at the in joke.

  5. It's good to be able to laugh about it and thumb Ken in the eye.

    The sad thing is that of all his projects, Pencil Dice was the no brainer that required zero work. Hand a check to the printer upon funding, give them a list of names of fulfillment, rake any profits off the table and put the rest of the dice into distribution.

    The fact he couldn't even do that tells you just how in debt the guy was by the time this project rolled around. Even worse he followed it up immediately with RPG pencil dice with he could have piggy backed shipments on since there was so much overlap between backers across the two project.

    He might be able get away with the fuzzy math on his movies claiming the money dried up due to no bad intent but the pencil dice kickstarters very much speak toward fraud. The money should have gone where it was intended.

  6. Pledged. Plus a shirt. Anything to fund a GOOD KS and a good company AND to thumb my nose at Ken.


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