Tuesday, March 22, 2016

No More "Deal of the Day" at RPGNow?

The last Deal of the Day email I received was on March 19th. I haven't received an email for such since and the upper right of the RPGNow home page is blank.

Did RPGNow just kill the promotion?

Question for the publishers that use the feature for their products: Did it capture sales and did it help with long term sales? Did it get eyes on your back catalogue?


  1. Lately, I've been using direct emails or the "featured product" promotion. I tried "deal of the day" three times, and I only saw results once (that I could measure). It's entirely possible that using it three times wasn't enough, though. [I'm the publisher of NUELOW Games, if that matters.]

  2. I think it's just that there's nothing in the queue right now. Normally there is, but when a large promotion comes up such as the GM's day sale where there's already a large discount going on, many publishers won't put their product into the DotD. Products that go into the DotD are put into a pool that can end up being published on a lottery system.

    I don't have enough points to submit to the queue right now so I can't see how full or empty it is, but the links are still active on the publisher side.

    I can tell you that I've used it a few times and it's worked very well for me and generated a lot of sales and visibility, but you need to use it accordingly and know how to sell and market. It's not a magic bullet and has to be used in conjunction with other communication as well as having a product that people want. What I do know is that when Graveyard At Lus went on sale at deep discount (a la Steam sale 80% off) pretty much all of my sales were from new purchasers rather than those who had it in the wishlists or their cart already. YMMV, of course.

    1. I just checked, the link is still present and it's 185 points to submit something to the queue.

  3. My last 2 deal submissions ran within the next day or two of submitting, so maybe there aren't many deals in the queue? We're still able to submit. I see a great return on the deals of the day, especially when the deal is one one of a related set of products and I edit the deal of the day's product description to mention the other related products and offer a discount on them.

  4. I just added one - it says there are 25 deals in the queue.

    1. Sounds like a tech glitch then that someone hasn't fixed yet then.

    2. And my deal will be live tomorrow. Go figure.

    3. And as I said, both of my recent submissions went live within a day or two. So are there really 20+ deals in the queue? And if not, should each have cost ~180 publisher points?


  5. DriveThruRPG
    Mar 22

    @tenkar Deal of the Day will be up and running again soon.

    via Twitter


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