Monday, March 21, 2016

Wizards of Aus - (webseries)

I didn't know what to expect when my Saturday Night Gaming Group drop this link on me. I kinda imagined some weird Wizard of Oz take off.

Not even close.

Funny as hell, decent effects and quality acting.

I'm loving the juxtaposition between the fantasy world and "the real world"

Ah, just watch it. Give the first episode a try. You'll thank me. Probably.


  1. Love/Hate this series, watched it all the way through, and felt trapped between laughter and being crushed by the heavy hand of LOOK HOW FUNNY/STRANGE WE CAN BE.


  2. Found it via YouTube, 4 episodes in so far. Pretty good, enjoying the parodying of the fantasy tropes as well as the not too subtle jabs at immigration issues.

  3. I sent you the link because of how much that first battle reminded me of my day job.

    "Hey, guys? Don't go near the dragon. I know it's for the king..."
    "FOR THE KING!" *rush into oblivion*

    I realize I don't deal with dragons at work, but "don't do the thing, it'll be bad"
    ... and I'm the one that has to fix it.

    "No, don't see me out, I can see you've got your hands full... of fire, you idiots."


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