Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Kickstarter - Myth & Magic Player's Guide - New Update Breaks 13 Months of Silence - Complete With Grumpy Dwarf Commentary

Over 13 months of radio silence on the Myth & Magic Player's Guide Kickstarter. 13 fucking months. Then today, we get two updates (the second was a link to get a no cost PDF of the M&M PG at RPGNow. That link and update are NOT being posted here)

So, why has Tom been silent for over 13 months? Damned if I know. It wasn't addressed. However, if Tom wasn't getting your messages via Kickstarter, it's because they had an old email addy. I kid you not.

Here's the "Backers Only"update from today. I woke up Grumpy to assist and he's in a foul mood. I'd ask you to forgive him ahead of time but he just told me to "fuck off ya lazy sod!" - Tenkar

Update on PG and GMG - 2016

Hi All,

I just wanted everyone to know that I'm still here and Jeff (who the hell is Jeff?) and I are working hard to get a finalized PDF of the GMG to the GMG backers (wait! this shite is STILL hanging? I thought this was ready to be printed years ago! WTF? Who can throw a grumpy dwarf a lifeline and give me an update on this project that's been comatose for a year), as well as to ensure that all backers are shipped their Player's Guides if they ordered one (this is a joke, right? the list of those that aven't received what they paid for is longer the line outside Tom tax office - wait, it's tax season! expect nothing to ship for 3 to 6 months, then not at all) We've had additional setbacks on the GMG side of things but a new artist is trying to wrap it up. Over the last few months though we have made great strides to complete the book. (where were the updates? Nothing since July 2015 on the GM book side of this KS fiasco)

I thought we tackled the shipping issues back in '15 (and 2013 and 2014 - what a load of fooking shite!), but I guess not. After the last round of shipments, the focus shifted to the GMG (sure), but I understand now from a backer (a single backer! more shite!) that I need to look into the orders again and pour through the emails/comments here to see who legitimately needs a PG shipped out. (ack! just from the comments on this update there are 9 10 backers, overseas or those that ordered 4 copies, that never got their shite! I call shenanigans on Tom for being so full of shite that the gas station bathroom would turn him away!)

I changed the settings here on KS to ensure that all emails and notifications go to the right email address now, which was not the case apparently. (The lack of logging in for so long meant KS had a defunct email address - not good and I apologize for that.) (how the fook can ya not log into your KS account if you aven't fullfilled yer fooking KS!?! My God man, we're choking on shite now! it's an excuse written like a lawyer)

The GMG is almost done. We're waiting on the last round of the art before compiling the PDF. (the check's in the mail and I swear she said she's on the pill!)

I know this certainly doesn't stand as a hugely informative and earth-shattering update, but I wanted to simply let everyone know that I'm still here and still working on things, albeit slowly. You should know that. (bloody fucking silence for over a year and a quick stroke job!?!  Ya can explain away being slow as shite. Ya can explain away you failures in shipping. Ya can't explain away 13 months of friggin' silence by "I had a bad email addy, but it's all fixed now. Yep, all done. We're good. No worries. If you didn't get your ghost shipment in 2013 I'll get you now. Carry on." Christ, I need a drink! - Grumpy)



  1. Someone must have finally got a class action suit going...

  2. "that I'm still here and still working on things, albeit slowly"

    That is a line ripped straight out of the Ken Whitman playbook of Kickstaters

  3. The GMG update doesn't have much different info. Just blaming part of the delay on art that never came through and promising that another artist is working on it and the PDF will come once that is ready.

  4. There is definitely someone answering. I sent a message via KS last night when I saw the update. I had an answer waiting for me this morning. I received a promise to review the shipping records to see wher my book is.
    I will let you know how it goes

    1. Well - it has been almost 2 months and I have received absolutely no further responses -- so much for fast responses!

      I also love how he phrases everything to imply that if the allegedly shipped packages haven't arrived that there is a problem on our end with receiving them. Since I joined Kickstarter, I have not had any issues with receiving my products other than two damaged packages in four years.,, so how my not getting my reward is my fault is a bit beyond my comprehension

      So despite the claims to the contrary it sound like the same old shenanigans with a bit more glitter this time around.


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