Friday, March 25, 2016

What do You Get When a Lesser Gnome Joins Forces With a Frog God?

Today appears to be a day for announcements.

In case you missed the post on Facebook from a little while ago, +Zach Glazar , he of Lesser Gnome Games, the man behind Whisper & Venom, has joined Frog God Games as a partner. May God have mercy on their souls ;)

Here's the announcement from +Matt Finch
Introducing the newest Frog of Frog God Games
We're proud to announce that Zach Glazar of Lesser Gnome Games has decided to carry the banner of the Frog Gods forward as one of us. Zach is becoming a partner in Frog God, and bringing a wide array of skills to the company. We've known Zach for years, and been deeply impressed by the products he has developed, including Death and Taxes and Whisper & Venom. The amount of labor, quality, and creativity in Zach's products is outstanding, and he's going to be a powerhouse member of the team.
Awesome news for the OSR. Congrats Zach!


  1. The Lesser Frog God is a minor deity worshipped by many a dark and unscrupulous lizard person. Boons include inappropriate images and wild word play. Expected sacrifices include time, money, art, and commas. The LFG is seen at congregations of like-minded odd shifty reptiles throughout the greater gaming basin. Huzzah!

  2. Oh no! More reasons to take my money!

    1. Lol, we can come up with even more reasons if you like :)


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